5 Comfy AF Pants For When Leggings Are Out Of the Question

Since I’m originally from upstate New York, a place you probably only know as like, “near Canada” where people wear a grotesque amount of John Deere, or whatever that camo brand is, I only know weather as being hot or cold. There isn’t really an in-between. When it’s cold, which is more often than not, I wear leggings religiously. When temperatures hit 80 degrees or more, I get a little too excited and break out my Dukes of Hazzard-looking denim shorts. This is only slightly an issue when I have to go to that thing called work, or attend an event where people think when I say “I drink” only means having an occasional glass of wine.

Ha. Ha. Imagine.

Well, thanks to the latest pant ~trend~, I found a solution: pants that aren’t technically Bermuda shorts (no fucking thanks) but, are more like modernized gaucho pants (??). Just hear me out. They’re not too creepily short or long, they’re lightweight for summer, and they come in millions of styles so you’re bound to find the perfect look for you. Start with these 5 trendy styles picked out by yours truly.

1. Sensi Studio Cropped Tasseled Crinkled-Cotton Pants

For your first pair, start with black—something you’re comfortable and too familiar with. These pants are made out of a breathable cotton, so no worries about sweat stains. The cuffs are finished with tassels to provide a carefree, playful look to your OOTD. Accentuate the high waist with a fitted top or tuck in a flowy blouse to add volume. Just make sure it doesn’t actually look like an awk muffin top.

Sensi Studio Cropped Tassle Crinkle-Cotton Pants

2. Cleobella Xico Wrap Pants

I’m probably being biased because I’m embarrassingly short, but this style is my fave only because I can’t find a maxi skirt without having to get it hemmed afterwards. These comfortable pants come pretty close, with v sexual leg openings for a slutty free-spirited feel. They’re made out of sheer rayon so you’ll be able to withstand suffocating heat and stay remotely cool all day long. For a boho chic look, wear with a flowy crop top or tucked in bardot shirt.

Cleobella Xico Wrap Pants


Get crazy and loud with a fun tropical pattern. Wear these to your next happy hour or to your next vacay overseas. Pair with a solid white or black tank, or to hell with that, make it easier for your (lazy) self and just get the matching shirt.

Amuse Society Pants

4. Kobi Halperin Lainey Pants

Find a silky, ivory pair like these for your next lunch date to breeze through the afternoon with no problem. Take these from day to night(club) with their scallop cutouts and high waistband. Pair with your fave wedges and a bright colored shirt to really make a statement. No cranberry and vodkas though because like, white, duh.

Kobi Halperin Lainey Pants

5. Leith Drawstring Crop Pants

These will probably be your new hangover pants. With its adjustable drawstring waist, you can wear these as loose as you want (just don’t get crazy) and stay comfortable all through brunch with your mimosa bloat. Wear with a loose-fitted T-shirt or white crop top to balance the stripes. Maybe if you’re lucky, you can wear these to work without showing everyone you actually made no effort in your outfit. Maybe.

Leith Drawstring Cropped Pants