The 5 Most Psychotic Brides We Found On The Internet

There’s nothing better than laughing at someone else’s misfortune, and this becomes especially true when it comes to weddings. Whether it’s Pinterest fails, atrociously off-trend décor,  or relationship drama at the altar, the internet has become our go-to source for all things terrible, and we’re here for it.

Because it’s Monday and we care about you, we’ve scoured the internet for the absolute worst (see: best) horror stories when it comes to psycho brides. Take these as a note of what not to do, or what you have to compete with if being a psycho is your forte.

1. The Bride Who Wanted Everyone To Be Fatter Than Her

Yes, we found this tale from where … well, just read it: “My sister in law asked her bridesmaids (me included) to gain 5-10 kilos to make her look better in comparison. I just can’t understand that.” … for the record, 5-10 kilos is about 11-22 pounds. LOL.

Gain Weight

2. The Bride Who Made Her Bridesmaid Change Her Hair

One bride we found demanded that her ginger bridesmaid (who arguably has no soul anyway) DYE HER HAIR. Why, you ask? Good Housekeeping details the horror: “[The email] seemed pretty standard but then when she got into the look she wants for her bridesmaids she wrote, ‘[Name], you’ll need to dye your hair for the day, I’ll take you to my hairdresser and cover the cost :),’ writes the Redditor, who notes that this possibility had not previously been mentioned to her. ‘I’m a natural ginger, so it’s not like I have an outrageous hair colour, although [the bride] and her other bridesmaids are all brunettes.’” LOL STOP.

3. The Bride Who Took “Looking The Prettiest” To The Extreme

According to HuffPost UK: “I saw a bride kick ugly people out of a group photo.” All right, but like, who hasn’t done this?

You Think You're Really Pretty

4. The Bride Who I Ain’t Sayin’ Is A Gold Digger, But…

Ranker told the tale of one bride who demanded people in her wedding party be of a certain … caliber. “In what might be the worst Bridezilla manifesto of all time, one bridezilla wrote: ‘If you are poor, then you can’t afford to be my friend. Tax records, annual salary and home value may be used in evidence to assertion who is ‘wedding party worthy.’’” I’m dead.

5. The Bride Whose Groom Committed A Crime Against Fashion

In probably one of my favorite stories, HuffPost UK reports that a bride LEFT HER GROOM AT THE ALTAR over a terrible fashion crime. “Bride slapped her husband and left him at the altar as he was wearing a red tie instead of a bright pink flowery one that she wanted all the men to wear to fit in with her ‘pink princess wedding’. She told him in a text that he had ‘ruined her special day’.”

You're Tacky And I Hate You

God bless the internet.