5 Fashion Trends We Don't Want To See In 2019

Since our last article on this subject just a mere few months ago, 2018 hasn’t gotten any better. As if 2018 couldn’t kick us in the nuts any harder, Pete and Ariana called off their engagement, the Keto diet has been deemed unhealthy (bye to my excuse for binge eating cheese), and Apple decided to start letting us know exactly how much time we waste per week just staring at our phones. Awesome. As if these tragic events aren’t excuse enough to just spend the rest of December blacked out until the new year, fashion trends haven’t gotten any less tragic, either. Which is why I’m here writing this article. I’m here to extend our previous list for the worst trends of 2018 and finally put to rest all of 2018’s terrible trends that we’re ready to say “thank, u next” to come 2019. Alright, let’s do this.

1. Tiny Sunglasses

This was a trend that was huge this summer (I mean duh, cause like, sun) but the season has ended and it still hasn’t gone away. Look, I was on board for a minute, bought myself a few cheap cute pairs to get some like-worthy Instas, but after that, c’mon, what’s the point??? They legit do not even do their only job of keeping the sun out of your eyes. Not to mention that if they’re not sitting on the exact right spot on the bridge of your nose then you look like the three blind mice, just like, without your other two blind friends. I’m so done with this impractical trend. Take me back to the early 2000s, the days of Paris and Nicole, and their obnoxiously oversized sunnies. At least with the huge ones I feel glamorous, not like a wannabe Insta model, and I’m actually shielding my eyes from the sun. In fact, with oversized sunnies, I’m shielding like, half of my face from the sun. Uhmmm, who needs expensive eye cream from Sephora when oversized sunnies are #antiaging at its best?

2. Fanny Packs

Now, I don’t know that I want to totally deem fanny packs done. But, I do know for certain that I want to go ahead and classify the trend of wearing your fanny pack across your chest as dunzo. Fanny packs in their original form with their intended use actually do make sense, and are in fact quite practical. However, slung across your chest, they become a useless seatbelt-adjacent accessory that pretty much looks stupid on everyone who isn’t a celebrity. And, tbh, I don’t love it on celebrities, either. Not to mention how extra terrible this trend looks on anyone who is bigger than an A cup. Like, I don’t look like a stylish fashion blogger with a huge fanny pack across my chest. I look like your crazy aunt who probs keeps some hard candies, Xanax, a flask, and some Gas-X in her fanny pack. Not cute.

3. Exaggerated Sleeves

If you have tried consuming an actual meal while wearing a trendy exaggerated sleeve then you know exactly why this trend needs to die with 2018. Not only have I officially dipped them in every sauce imaginable, but I’ve also gotten caught on enough door handles to justify just burning all my big-sleeved tops right now. I’m not going to wait until I dip my sleeve in my festive holiday candle and set my entire being aflame before just deeming this trend done. Over it.

4. Newspaper Boy Hat

If you haven’t Insta’d in a newsboy hat, then there’s no way you’re influencer-level enough to be hawking FabFitFun boxes. I mean, nothing says ~fashion~ like a trendy newsboy hat that everyone and their mom is wearing, right??? Even though I’m deeming this trend over, that’s not to say with the potential Lizzie McGuire reboot that everyone’s been whispering about that this trend may not come right back to bite Gordo in his brown-nosing ass come 2019. I mean, Lizzie wore a newsboy hat so I did. And like, I bought five. So if this trend does want to come back for 2019,  I’m not going to be mad about it.

5. Aggressive Logos

Wearing a Gucci logo T-shirt when you’re a celeb is one thing. But, when everyone including your mailman is wearing one, it’s no longer cool. Because, simply put, it’s no longer exclusive. Like, it’s cool when you’re just so rich that even just your T-shirts are designer. However, it’s not cool when you’re a twentysomething living off of your parents and maxing out your credit cards to do so. Let’s leave logo-mania to Kylie and Stormi in their full matching Fendi sweatsuits, shall we?

Unlike a Real Housewife on a reunion show, I’m aware of my own potential hypocrisy. I may easily deem these trends “done” just to be wearing them again come 2019. I know fashion is cyclical and, who knows, come January 1st, as I rise from my blackout coma state, I may be decked out in a Gucci tracksuit with a fanny pack across my chest and tiny sunnies resting on the bridge of my nose. Only time will tell. Here’s to 2019, betches!

Images: @aaronburson / Unsplash; @kyliejenner, @bhadidnews, @revolve, @weworewhat, @oliviaculpo / Instagram

Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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