The Type Of Sleeves That Look Best On Your Body Type

Every season our Instagram feeds are flooded with curated images of the latest fashion trends. It is then our responsibility from there, as influential alpha females, to choose which trends to embrace and which to trash. And TBH, this decision ultimately just comes down to whether or not that trend looks good on us. If a trend looks good, we’ll logically go blow our next paychecks on it; if a trend looks bad, we’ll just pretend it’s lame and mock our loser friends who do wear it. The thing is, contrary to popular belief, everyone can pretty much wear every trend; all you need is a little self-awareness. The difference between looking like an off-duty model and looking like an idiot boils down to an understanding of your body, embracing what you’re working with, and knowing which specific styles best play up your features. So let’s apply this now to spring’s seemingly biggest fashion trend: statement sleeves. There are currently many variations of statement sleeves, so I’m here to help you choose the one best suited for your body type. Essentially, my goal here is to prevent you from looking like a try-hard. You can thank me later.

1. Hourglass: Bell Sleeve

If you’re an hourglass shape, you’re probably not even reading this article because legit every trend looks good on you. Bitch. But, you actually may not understand how to best show off your figure, so like, that’s why I’m here. Hourglass figured gals should wear a bell sleeve with a fitted bodice. Bell sleeves will end at your waist, perfectly drawing attention to the smallest part of your body.

Southmoonunder Abbeline Stripe Off Shoulder Knit Bell Sleeve Blouse

2. Rectangle: Ruffle/Puffy

Since your body is a straight line from shoulder to hips, you’ll want a ruffle or puffed sleeve to add an illusion of volume and curve. This particular top I’ve selected for you is also gingham (which is v trendy) and it’s also on sale (insert sounds of cheering crowd).

Saks Fifth Avenue Gingham Ruffle Sleeve Blouse

3. Inverted Triangle: Bubble

You’re top-heavy. Embrace it. Girls would kill for your thigh gap. If you’re an inverted triangle shape, your top half is bigger than your bottom half and you probs have super skinny legs. Ugh. Because your bottom half is smaller, the objective here is to create an overall more balanced appearance. Bubble sleeves do this by creating an illusion of a fuller lower half by adding volume to it. The bodysuit option shown here is legit perfect, because the details on the bottom half of the sleeve further pull the attention downward to your skinny-ass lil legs.

Free People Livin’ For The Weekend Bodysuit

4. Pear: Oversize Cuff/Exaggerated Sleeve

Your body is the exact opposite of our previously mentioned top-heavy pals. You’re instead bottom-heavy, probs with a natural Kardashian booty, so now we want to bring the attention upwards. Again, the goal here is to create an appearance of balance. Since we want to accentuate your tiny upper half, we want to make sure we don’t add any fabric or volume up there. Oversized cuffs with extra long sleeves actually draw the attention all the way past your hips, which then helps create an overall more balanced appearance.

Pixie Markey Navy Pinstripe Oversize Wide Cuff Shirt

5. Apple: Detail Sleeve

If you’re an apple shape, you hold most of your weight in your lower mid-section. You’ll want to avoid drawing attention to that area by wearing a sleeve with an even amount of detailing from the shoulder to the cuff. Even better, the top I’ve selected for you is a surplice style, meaning, it will perfectly hide your unwanted pudge.

Southmoonunder On The Road Fairy Top Lace Trim Surplice

You’re now fully equipped with the knowledge necessary to go out into the world fully embracing statement sleeves. And, you can now do so with the newfound confidence of knowing you actually look good doing it.

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