10 Slang Words You Cannot Under Any Circumstances Use In 2018

2017 was a shit storm. Actually, that’s an understatement, but I’m too emotionally drained from talking about how shitty this year was to accurately describe it. Obviously, we’re all going to try to make 2018 way better. Realistically, we’re probably going to be dragging the majority of our terrible baggage into the new year. So instead of setting unattainable goals, like drinking less and exercising more, let’s be honest and work towards something we can actually do. Ditching 2017’s most annoying slang terms is a really great start towards creating a less shitty new year. Here are 10 words you need to not use in 2018. You have like, over a month to quit, so no excuses.

1. Shook

This word was pretty much over the second it began. It is by far the most annoying slang term of 2017. (In a survey conducted by me, where I only asked myself.) This also goes for variations on shook, i.e. “shooketh”. 

2. Lit

Lit is pretty much only acceptable when it’s being used to describe something sarcastically. Like, saying that your dentist appointment was lit is kind of funny. But that’s about as funny as it gets, and it’s not even enough for a forced “lol dead.” Just stop saying it.

3. Daddy

I don’t care if Chris Pratt is standing in front of you with a baby Australian Shepherd puppy. You should never call anyone Daddy. It’s creepy as shit.

4. Basic

We get it. We all wear leggings and drink the same hot beverages in the morning. We like brunch. Get over it.

5. Extra

Have you noticed that extra and basic kind of go hand in hand? They’re supposed to be opposites but people are morons and tend to misuse them interchangeably, so they’re both cancelled. Like, no, your eyelash extensions cannot be “SOO extra” and “basic AF” at the same time.

6. Savage

Sorry, you’re going to have to find another term to describe leaving someone on read. Savage gets used way too frequently in boring contexts, so it’s not even really effective anymore.

7. Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry Demi, but I think Facebook moms say this now. It’s been over. 

8. Goals

By all means, be ambitious, but please stop commenting “goals” with the heart eye emoji on all of Chrissy Teigen’s Instagrams.

9. Snack

Enough with saying attractive people are looking like snacks. It just makes me want an actual snack.

10. Low-Key

Low-key has high-key become a place holder to fill up sentences that feel kind of empty or to attempt to sound less bitchy. Just stop. 

Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers
Hannah Chambers is one of those people whose entire personality consists of Real Housewives references, taking pictures of her dog, and drinking out of an obnoxiously large water bottle. You can find her work in Cosmopolitan, Bustle,, and more. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @hanchambers