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20 Topics Taylor Swift And Sophie Turner 100% Covered At Dinner

Congratulations, everyone! After less of a week of debating what the “women’s version of the Roman Empire is,” we finally have an answer. Photos of Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner linked arm-in-arm heading to dinner in NYC will henceforth cross our minds once or twice a week.

This dinner marks Sophie’s first public appearance since news of her split from Joe Jonas broke in early September. Joe’s been the front-facing one in the divorce while on tour with the Jonas Brothers (and seemingly leaking consistent stories to the press), while Sophie’s stayed quiet. But if these photos tell us anything, it’s that Joe is playing checkers while Sophie’s playing chess.

And what could two women who happened to both recently break up with men named Joe, one of which who previously dated the other’s Joe, have to discuss over pasta at Via Carota? Let’s break down the possible topics of conversation.

20 Topics Taylor Swift And Sophie Turner 100% Covered At Dinner:

  1. Possible reasons Gigi Hadid bailed last minute on dinner
  2. Why Miles Teller and his wife were cast in the “I Bet You Think About Me” video
  3. Taylor’s 2009 SNL “Musical Monologue”
  4. The ending of Game of Thrones
  5. London
  6. Is Zero Bond worth the price?
  7. Ideal girl dinners
  8. Joe Jonas’ 2008 breakup text
  9. Are Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds really that cool?
  10. The origins of the name Joe
  11. The probability that the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl again
  12. Comparing breakup playlists
  13. Instagram caption ideas
  14. Cats vs. Dogs
  15. Should Sophie get bangs?
  16. “Picture me thick as thieves with your ex wife…”
  17. A 10-minute version of “Mr. Perfectly Fine”
  18. How great it is when plans actually make it out of the group chat
  19. Should Taylor prank call Kim Kardashian?
  20. The Roman Empire
Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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