10 LGBT Podcasts You Need To Start Listening To

The podcast epiphany is a pivotal moment in every young liberal elite professional’s life. This is the realization, usually incited by finally succumbing to the peer pressure to listen to the latest true crime podcast everyone is discussing in the group text, when you realize that you do not have to sit in silent boredom while working your inevitably soul crushing job at whatever start-up or creative agency is currently employing you to eat free snacks and fill out google spreadsheets. Instead, you can listen to the dulcet tones of people on the internet discussing literally any topic you can think of, from conspiracy theories about D-List celebrities to conspiracy theories about the moon landing (it may or may not have been a huge fraud). Or the news, if you feel like bursting into tears at your desk.  

You probably already have a healthy library of podcasts in your arsenal, but let’s be real, you probably have not taken out your headphones to speak to your coworkers outside of your walk to Sweetgreen in months. What I’m getting at is that you can add a few new podcasts to your rotation. In this vein, and in honor of June being pride month, we’ve rounded up our favorite podcasts by, for, and about the queer community.


10-8. Gay History Podcasts

Mainstream historical narratives are rife with the erasure of queer stories and figures, so let’s start with a few podcasts reversing this trend. History is Gay highlights previously ignored stories of gay changemakers. This podcast has told the stories of a gay, Jewish, communal sexologist persecuted during the Holocaust and black lesbian contributors to the Harlem Renaissance. Making Gay History mines archival interviews for first person testimonials by integral figures in queer history including Debra Johnson and Zandra Rolon (the couple whose discrimination case set an important precedent), Perry Watkins (a US military veteran who fought back against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell), and Sylvia Rivera (a participant in the historic Stonewall uprisings). Similarly, Making Queer History tells the stories of important figures in gay history. Recent episodes told the history of queer media and Native American paradigms of gender. See how much you just learned? Imagine how knowledgeable you will be after actually listening to the episodes.

7. Dumb Gay Politics

As you may have noticed, our fucking country is falling apart and it is no longer cute to not know what’s going on politically. Hence, your favorite news site and podcast, our very own the Sup. If you are in the market for another place to get your news with a dose of sarcasm, check out Dumb, Gay, Politics. This podcast self-describes as one gay and one dumbass recapping US political news, usually while drunk.

6. Gay Pop Culture

Not to play into stereotypes, but we at betches love listening to gay guys talk about pop culture. Homophilia features two gay guys interrogating gay celebrities about their love lives. Recent guests have included Lena Waithe and our favorite LiLo ex Samantha Ronson.

5. Nancy

From WNYC, the radio station bringing you amazing podcasts like On the Media and Trump Inc. (a personal favorite investigative series on shady Trump family business endeavors), this podcast stars besties Kathy Tu and Tobin Low being honest as fuck while discussing the lived experience of being LGBTQ today. Recently covered topics include sex toys, whether Dumbledore was gay, and being out (or not) at work.

4. The Heart

This podcast literally changed my life. It’s honestly not a podcast, it is an award-winning series of standalone audio art projects, focused on the human experience of intimacy. From the stories of the black queer communities fostering the  underground house music scene in Seattle to the complicated politics of saying no, every one of the Heart’s episodes might make you cry.

3. Food for Thot

It might seem impossible, but this podcast actually is as fun as its title. Hosted by a variety of multiracial queer writers (as indicated by the variously hued peach emojis in their logo), topics range from sex and relationships to what these smart people are currently reading, which you probably should be too. This podcast definitely provides ample food for thought – a recent episode ran the gamut of terrifying things facing queer communities in 2018, from HIV to  ghosting.

2. Queery With Carmen Esposito

Standup comedian Carmen Esposito interviews queer luminaries, asking them about everything from their personal lives to notions of sexuality today. She’s interviewed Roxane Gay, Lena Waithe, and Jill Soloway, to name a few.

1. Everyone’s Gay

Obviously, we have to close this list with our very own gay podcast. Because it’s 2018 and literally everyone is at least a little bit gay, our hosts Chris Burns and Bryan Russell Smith get honest as fuck about gay sex, dating, lifestyle, and pop culture. We don’t skimp on guests, starting with Them. editor in chief Phillip Picardi dropping in on our very first episode. We can’t promise you won’t awkwardly laugh out loud in your silent office, sorry.

Listen to a few of these and you can actually spew info about relevant topics while you’re blackout at the pride parade on Sunday.

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