All The Best Signs We Saw At The Women's March This Weekend

ICMYI: A couple pretty important things happened this past Saturday, January 20th:

1. Trump, against all odds, managed to reach the first anniversary of his inauguration.

2. The government shut down. (But it’s back open now so we’re chill.)

3. Hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets to protest the molding orange that rots away lives in the White House for the second year in a row.

As I’m sure you noticed, items two and three are directly related to item one. Because while Trump was sitting at his desk attempting to recreate stock photos of people working, women gathered in streets and city centers around the world to remind everyone that the president is a fucking idiot. Not only did they manage to pull off a badass, wildly successful protest with tons of high-profile celebrity endorsements, but they did it while wielding creative AF signs and posing for perfect Instagram posts. Women, we really can do it all. Here are some of our fav signs from Saturday.

Nazis Can’t Sit With Us

 When planning a protest, guest lists are vital. For example, maybe don’t invite people who are pro-genocide. Idk, just spitballing here.

Resisting Bitch Face 

Finally, we’re politicizing resting bitch face.


Usually I am firmly opposed to zoomed in, high-res photos of Trump’s mouth, but for this sign I’ll make an exception.

The Golden Rule of Tweeting

File under: things I need to remember when drunk sub-tweeting that coworker I hate on a Friday night after an extensive happy hour.


You know things are bad when the government is overriding social anxiety.

Granny and the Pussyhats 

Want to clear out any men in a twenty mile radius? Remind them that women over the age of 30 still have genitals.

Dog 2020 

I trust this dog more than any Republican I’ve ever met.

Best Stable Genius Pun

Lil Sebastian would have never let this presidency happen.

The Roast of Paul Ryan

Stop leaking women’s nudes and start leaking Paul Ryan’s sad gym selfies.

Clueless Reference For The Win

Amber would have totes been a Trump supporter.

Power to the PMS

A fun argument to keep on the back burner next time a man asks if you’re PMS-ing.

The Classic Regina George As Ovaries 

You KNOW Trump has made out with more than one hot dog.

A Tasteful Impeach Pun

Topical sign or classy print for your home? Why not both?

The Timeley Tide Pod Joke

Tide Pods: still better for you than Trump’s McDonalds order.

(Disclaimer: I am kidding, Jesus Christ, PLEASE don’t eat a Tide Pod)

Cunt Queen

Someone come collect your grandmother and tell her that she is my HERO.

Carrie Fisher Tribute

Can we please organize some What Would Carrie Fisher Do shirts by the next Women’s March? K thanks.

Viva La Vulva 

This sign combines the GOP’s two biggest fears: female anatomy and foreign languages.

Smokey The Bear Joins The Resistance

Don’t start forest fires unless they’re on the White House lawn. That’s just like, the rules of feminism.

Inspired By Pasta

The only acceptable time to eat Carbonara.

In A Nutshell 

Me anytime anyone asks me about 2017 or politics or my future or whatever I said/did when blacked out last weekend.

You Are What You Eat Support 

Screenshot this one to text to your conservative relatives ahead of Thanksgiving this year.

The Ugly Truth About Cheetos

I whisper this to myself every time I’m hungover and strolling through the chip aisle.

RIP Barb 

100% would fuck the Demogorgon over Trump. Like, it’s not even a close call.

A Spongebob Throwback

Can you feel it* Mr. Krabs?

*The dismantling of the patriarchy

This Sign Is Like, Really Smart 

2017: Tapeworm Kelly Kapoor

2018: Kelly Kapoor, business bitch

Reduce, Re-use, Rihanna 

*Vine kid voice * I won’t hesitate, bitch.

The Future Is Female 

Never forget, ladies. 2018 is coming.

Just Like, All Of Team Betches Sup

Ima let you finish but, Team Betches Sup had some of the best Women’s March signs of all time. You know what they say: the company that marches for their collective civil rights together, brunches together after. 


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