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Real Talk: It's Time To Toss The Undies You've Been Keeping In The Rotation Since High School

Do you ever have one of those moments when you’re scrolling social (TikTok or IG, pick your poison) and come across a video that just literally speaks your most inner thoughts into reality? Like, I really felt like I’ve never had a unique experience since seeing the most recent clip of the Diet Starts Tomorrow podcast where co-host, Lauren Hope Krass, talks about women keeping underwear that doesn’t fit.

When I got to the comment section and read through the response of other women not feeling worthy of comfortable, well-fitting underwear I was, quite literally, shocked. So shocked, in fact, that I had to comment myself…”Why do I keep holding onto undies that are legit falling apart??” And when 40 other people liked my comment, it was like we were creating our own little community of people who felt like regardless of their current size or shape, they didn’t deserve to have comfortable women’s underwear that fits. But, WTF?? We’ll buy ourselves new jeans or a new dress if the old one doesn’t fit anymore, yet are willing to squeeze ourselves into the ratty ass thong that still has the size small tag hanging on by a thread? Seems ridiculous, but here we are in our 9th grade VS PINK lace thong, 15 years later (and by we, I mean me).

I ended up messaging the Diet Starts Tomorrow co-host, Lauren Hope Krass, telling her how even since I’ve gotten pregnant and have gained 15+lbs, I’ve refused to allow myself underwear that aren’t old, falling apart, or digging into my ever-growing belly. She responded by saying, “I think one of the mental blocks people have with buying new undies is that you can’t simply donate underwear…But it also feels wrong in a way to just throw them in the trash. Take this as your SIGN — nay, your PERMISSION to throw away the underwear that doesn’t fit anymore!! It’s taking up space and not serving you and in some cases inducing discomfort and shame. Say goodbye!”

If at this point you’re thinking, “why are you in my thoughts” it’s time to purchase a pair or two — out with the old (undies) and in with the new. And because underwear come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, I polled the Betches Office for the best ones on the market. Keep scrolling to see what the girlies said!

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The comfiest undies that are *actually* good for plus/extended sizing

Shout out to Lauren Hope Krass for these undie options — she says, “Cheekboss are definitely my favorite. They feel like BUTTER and there are no seams.” She was also gushing over the AdoreMe cotton panties (but be aware of their subscription model!) and Curvy Couture’s high-quality options. P.S. Both Cheekboss and AdoreMe have straight sizes too, which just makes us like them 10x more. 

Cheekboss High Wasited Cheeky

AdoreMe Romi Cheeky
 5 for $20

Curvy Couture Silky Smooth High Cut Thong

The comfiest undies for when you need a good deal

We all know getting a good deal on underwear can be make or break reason as to why you’re willing to buy them in the first place — shit’s expensive! I asked all the ladies in the office where they go for a good deal and the immediate answer was Aerie (7 for $30 hello!!!!) — but as your friend, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you H&M and Target options are also elite.

Aerie SMOOTHEZ No Show Cheeky Underwear
 7 for $30

H&M 3-pack Invisible Brazilian Briefs

Auden at Target Laser Cut Hipster Underwear

The comfiest undies for when you are willing to treat yourself

Every so often, you find an underwear brand that’s simply just worth dropping $$$ on. You may only have one or two pairs of them but they’re 100% worth the hype (and the extra laundry you have to do to keep them in the rotation weekly).

SKIMS Fits Everybody Cheeky Brief

Parade Vintage Rib Second Skin High Rise Brief

Tommy John Second Skin Thong

The comfiest maternity undies for soon-to-be mamas

For the pregnant girlies, you also deserve nice underwear! Sure you might be pregnant for what feels like a short amount of time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be comfy. As a fellow soon-to-be mama, I wish I would have bought these Bodily undies 6 months ago the minute my body started to change…So do yourself a favor and purchase some for yourself. Trust.

Bodily Under the Belly Panty: 3-Pack

Bodily The All-In Panty: 5-Pack

Intimate Portal Maternity Underwear


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