8 Reasons You Should Get A Photo Booth For Your Wedding

It is wedding season, and let me tell you, I go to a lot of weddings. I’ve been in a lot of weddings. And it’s pretty easy to tell which ones are the good ones and the bad. The good ones always have an open bar, for one. If I have to sit through watching you and your significant other cry because he knows how she likes her coffee in the morning, I better be rewarded with FREE BOOZE. You already found true love, the least you can do is liquor us up. (BTW, that particular couple is already divorced.) The next sign of a good wedding is dancing. If this is a crowd that barely dances, the wedding will be a snooze. This is why Jewish weddings are always the most fun—you get to do the horah, throw the couple up in chairs, etc. It’s even better when you’ve been drinking. And lately, I’ve noticed another clear sign of a fun wedding: a photo booth. Photo booths are everywhere now, with good reason, and how anyone thinks photo booths are optional is beyond me. They are so easy to get/use/setup if you use a company like sharingbox that has a ton of different photo options. Here are all the reasons you need a photo booth at your wedding and why it’s a necessity.

1. More Wedding Photos

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The whole time the professional photographer is taking pictures of everyone inside dancing up a storm (you know, assuming it’s a fun wedding with an open bar), people will be out at the photo booth taking pictures, too! You get twice the photos of everyone having the best time at your wedding, and they’re all ready to go up on the ‘Gram to prove that your wedding was way more fun than your ex-friend Nicole’s, sorry not sorry.

2. You Get The Photos Early

Who wants to wait weeks for the wedding photos to come in? I was just MOH in my bestie’s wedding and we realized we completely forgot to get a photo together. I was having so much fun, I didn’t touch my phone the whole wedding. Thankfully a friend had taken a pic of us so I could post about how awesome the wedding was without waiting seven years for the album to get here. Enter photo booth: which she definitely had btw, I just didn’t get one with the bride because we forgot (boo). If you have a photo booth, everyone will have instant photos to post and brag about what a fabulous party you threw.

3. Easy Giveaway Gift

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Having photo booth pics is a great souvenir that is, again, totally instant! Your guests will put their little photo booth pics away and then years from now find them and reminisce about how much fun your wedding was. That’s way easier than forcing your bridesmaids to hand-make everyone a paper flower from Pinterest that will go straight into the trash/all over the reception floor. (Literally, I have seen this done.)

4. It’s A Fun Break

You’ve eaten, you’re sweating from all the dancing, so it’s time to grab a drink at the bar and take a break. Instead of sitting around a little table making small talk with the groom’s cousins, grab some friends, and go to the photo booth. It gives you a break while still being an activity and then you’ll have the photos forever!

5. It Gives The Old People Something To Do

Weddings mean everyone’s relatives are there, and they may not be able to dance and party the whole night. I mean, maybe your grandma is a badass, I don’t know. But if Auntie Gertrude’s hip replacement means she won’t be dancing, you can drag her to the photo booth for some iconic memories of her wearing a boa and crown while making goofy faces with the grandkids.

6. It’s An Ice Breaker

If there is an awkward moment between the cocktail hour and the reception opening, it gives people the perfect thing to do. They can socialize, bond, and laugh over the stupid props. It’s a great activity to distract people while everything else is being prepared.

7. It Gets The Party Going

In the same token, what better way to get people in the party mindset and loosen up a bit? Okay, yes, that’s what the open bar is for. But secondly, it gives them a chance to get goofy and have fun before even walking into the reception. People love a photo booth and there will be a line the second it’s available.

8. It’s Social Media-Ready

When anyone I know is getting married, I love scoping out their social media. It’s fun to see what it looked like, what people wore, how much fun they seem to be having. Having your friends post about what a great time they’re having and how much they love you is awesome, and if you have a photo booth, they’ll have a ton of photos to share instantly. Too bad for those suckers who didn’t think to get a photo booth. They’ll post how fun their wedding is in three weeks when the photographer is done editing.

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Holly Hammond
Holly Hammond
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