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An Update On Lindsay Hubbard's Dating Life After Carl

Hubbhouse truthers and haters alike, gather around closely and gird your loins.  Lindsay Hubbard is dating again! While her ex-fiance Carl Radke thinks it’s unfair to jump into a fresh relationship, Lindsay is on a totally different page (so, nothing new for the two of them). To be fair, Lindsay got broken up with, not the other way around. Lindsay has made it clear she wants a family like yesterday, while Carl is still figuring out his career. Lindsay is a certified relationship girlie and that’s not going to change just because her latest heartbreak is still imploding for our entertainment on this season of Summer House. Plus, if the plethora of thirst traps she’s hard launching on IG is any indication, Lindsay is looking and feeling hotter than ever. Here’s a much-needed update on Lindsay Hubbard’s dating life.

Is Lindsay Over Carl?

Lindsay and Carl at Bravocon
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It’s hard to imagine based on the “level nine intensity” emotions we’re currently witnessing flood the Summer House (thank you for that phrase, Kyle Cooke), that Lindsay could have already moved on from her relationship with Carl. However, in recent interviews, Lindsay seems shockingly well-adjusted to her new reality. More than half a year has passed since he called off their wedding, so she frankly had no choice but to keep it pushing which is far better than the alternative of trying to force a reconciliation.

Who is Lindsay Hubbard Dating Now?


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According to her chat with Andy Cohen, Lindsay is in fact dating someone (or more accurately, multiple someones). She’s been spending a lot of time working on projects between New York and Nashville, so right now is more of a “fun” era rather than focusing on locking down anything serious. That being said, we know who Lindsay is not dating: anyone from Summer House, or from any reality television series for that matter, as she recently told Page Six. With all the time she’s spending on her vacation rental venture down south, we suspect with a little patience (and perhaps a lot of Cowboy Carter for good vibes) Lindsay could follow in Bella Hadid’s footsteps and find her country king any day now.


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