This Is When It's Time To Throw Out Your Eyeliner, Mascara & Other Makeup

While it can be tempting to hold onto your makeup products like you hold onto the idea that your goal body weight is actually achievable, consider this your wake-up call. Hoarding mascara from three years ago isn’t just cluttering up your dirty makeup bag. It’s cluttering up your life. Which in turn, is cluttering up your entire aura. And making you fat.

You're Fat Because I Hate You

Anyway, expired cosmetics can at best cause irritation, and at worst, infections/death. Jk about death. (Maybe.)

Here’s the basic makeup shelf life for each of your items so you know when TF it’s time to say goodbye.

1. Powder Products

Powder Makeup

That means blushes, bronzers, face powders, and even shadows. These bad boys stay good for up to two years. Probably longer than most of your relationships put together, so on that note, congrats on your ability to commit to something.

2. Eyeliner


Both liquid and pencil stay fine for up to one year. But if you get pink eye (uhhhmmmmmm ew?) throw that SHIT AWAY. I shouldn’t have to say that, but IDK, I’m willing to be that some of you are pretty dumb. No offense. 

3. Mascara


You have six months with mascara before it turns into a goopy mess, or gets clumpy, or starts collecting bacteria. Or black mold. Which causes cancer. Just kidding. (Maybe.) Basically, when your mascara dries out or starts giving you perma-spider lashes, it’s time to chuck into the trash and never look back.

4. Lip Products


Some say that you have as little as one year with lip products, but if you don’t use them regularly and keep them in a temp cooled zone, one and a half years is chill. This goes for lipstick, liner, and gloss.

5. Liquid Foundation And Concealer

Liquid Foundation

You have two years to finish your face makeup before it goes bad. For most people, going through a bottle of foundation before it expires in two years shouldn’t be very hard. But like, use common sense. If your foundation starts looking goopy and is hard to apply, or separates, get rid of that shit.

6. Brushes

Makeup Brushes

As long as you’re diligent about washing your brushes, they can last a pretty long time. But if the bristles are falling off and your dog has chewed the handle, it’s time to consider buying new ones. Don’t be poor.