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The Loser Core Trend Is A Personal Attack On My Middle School Wardrobe

TikTok has done it again. They have dug through millennials’ closets and are determined to haunt us with our outfit mistakes. This time, they have come for the early aughts emos (aka closeted bisexuals) in a new outfit aesthetic dubbed “loser core.” If the name didn’t hurt enough, the accuracy only digs the knife in further. From oversized black zip-up hoodies to y2k baggy pants, there is no escaping the truth: middle school me needed loser core.

Loser core is a state of mind (like the clean girl aesthetic). It’s about embracing unflattering pieces of clothing on purpose. (Bear with me!) It’s chaotic and oversized and totally grunge. Think freaks and geeks, and less nerd-being-shoved-in-a-locker. No one is fucking with you in a loser core outfit. It’s giving main character energy like Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday or Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You. (Aka you play the electric guitar and are always falling for the bad boyzzz.)

While I only lasted in my middle school band for one semester (I was kicked out for hyperventilating during flute practice), I did technically play in a band and thirst for moody guys in leather jackets (Team Jess 4 Lyfe). Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly a cool kid. Is this relatable AF? Get in, loser, we’re romanticizing our own unpopularity with these looks.

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What Is Loser Core? 

Loser core in "Freaky Friday"
Image Credit: Disney

Loser core is a TikTok rebrand of ’90s grunge outfits. This means we’re embracing our inner rebellious teenagers and convincing ourselves that being cool is so overrated. Here’s your loser core starter pack.

’90s Zip Hoodie

Bib Overalls 

 $127.90 (was $158.00)

Chunky Silver Ring 

Cargo Pants 

Layered Shirt 

Melanie Whyte
Melanie Whyte
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