It's Pisces Season: Your Weekly Horoscope For February 19-23

The Sun moved into Pisces Sunday. When the Sun changes signs, sometimes shit can get fucking crazy. Luckily for everyone, Pisces is a mild and peaceful sign. Yet, with the mystical Pisces energy abounding, prepare for things to seem a little bizarre and other-worldly. Our weekly horoscope column will tell you everything you should expect for the next few days.


The Moon in your sign to start the week will have you setting your watch to your emotions. Basically, you’re going to do the things you want to do and blow off anything you don’t want to do. Which, actually, seems like a pretty decent way to live. This can really piss other people off, so at least try to care about their concerns when they bring them up.


The Moon in Aries in your house of exile means you’re totally fine with hiding out from other people’s shit. In fact, when you normally might be interested in some hot gossip about someone else, this week, you probably won’t give a fuck. Like, seriously, if Lyndsey wants to hook up with an entire lacrosse team, that’s her business. It might seem self-centered, but you’re really the most important person to you right now, and that’s totally OK.


Starting Sunday. the Sun is at the very top of your chart. That’s actually super great news, if the side of you that really likes attention is ruling your personality this week. The Sun acts like a spotlight, putting your words and actions in center stage. Sure, you might get more likes and favorites on social media, but the flip side is that people will give more weight to your words. Make sure you can defend the sarcasm in your Tweets.


If you seriously can not fucking wait for spring break, it might be because your desire to travel and explore is strengthened for the next four weeks. Make sure your swimsuit is this season and your tan is the perfect golden color in your Instas—the Moon in Aries in your house of reputation will make your pics the subject of many screenshots and possibly even a group chat or two.


You’re a lion on the prowl with the Moon in Aries in your exploration zone. Sure, this could mean you want to get out and explore your surroundings—get to know your city a little bit better and such. Or, it could mean that you want to explore yourself and your own body and needs. If you have an S.O. who’s down to go on this freaky journey with you, more power to you. If you’re single or lack an adventurous partner, there’s nothing wrong with going it alone, if you know what I mean.


The Sun enters Pisces in your partnership zone. For the next four weeks, you’ll be seeking  a ride or die that shares your goals and passions. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a boyfriend-type person. It might be your work wife or a classmate. You know, someone who’s totally willing to commiserate with you about how much your other coworkers/classmates suck.


The Sun entering Pisces in your house of work will have you on a mission to get shit done over the next four weeks. The impending threat of spending spring break in a swimsuit will have your ass at the gym, putting in 100 percent. Thank God for some extra motivation from the stars and planets and your weekly horoscope; those three pounds aren’t going to disappear on their own,


Things are all good in the world of Scorpio for the next four weeks. The Sun in Pisces in your romance and entertainment zones means you’ll be treated to a lot of social outings, parties, and dates. If you’ve been going through a dry spell, this might be the time to fire back up the dating apps. Hey, even if you don’t meet your soulmate, you’ll get some free dinners, drinks and activities out of the experience.


Your desire to nest and spend time at home, probably in a burrito of blankets and pillows, will be heightened over the next four weeks. The Sun in Pisces is in your house of family and home. I mean, it’s kind of nice this happens for you during winter so that no one thinks you’re fucking boring for wanting to stay in. You can always blame your desire to get UberEats and watch Netflix documentaries on a combination of the cold and your weekly horoscope, so you’re welcome for that.


Hopefully you scheduled any upcoming big presentations for sometime in the next four weeks. With the Sun in Pisces in your zone of communication, you’ll be at the top of your game when it comes to expressing complex ideas or feelings. Speaking of feelings, it’s also an ideal time to DTR, if you’re at that point in your relationship. Your sorta-boyfriend is more likely to become your actual boyfriend when you present your feelings logically and flawlessly no matter how much you both had to drink that night.


Let’s be honest with ourselves here, Aquarius. Your relationship with money can be fucking weird. You either don’t check your account for weeks or you become neurotic about it and obsess that you’re not saving, earning or managing it well enough. The Sun is in Pisces in your house of earnings. Over the next four weeks, your mission will be to hold on to more of your cash. That means when someone says they’ll pay you back, make sure they Venmo you ASAP, k?


Happy Birthday month, Pisces! Apart from celebrating the fuck out of a day (and month) that should be dedicated to just you, this is the time where you can benefit from the attention and affection from others. Like, don’t use people like a fucking psychopath, but it someone is going to offer you a job or, say, an all-expense vacation because they like your personality, who are you to say no?


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