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Here Are Your Weekend Horoscopes: 11/3 – 11/5

By The Wicked Betch of the West | November 3, 2017

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Well betches, we made it to another freaking weekend. I know you’re ready to get on with it, so we’ll keep this short and sweet. For all signs, things are looking better and definitely more fun by Sunday; you just have to make it out from under Friday’s full moon alive.


Quit plotting your moves
All good things happen in time
Better live for now

Now Hell's Kitchen


Emotions run wild
under the light of the moon
Set good boundaries


All work, no play sucks
Pour yourself a big ass glass
Wine or gin will do

Whatever SNL


Connections grow strong
True betches stay by your side
Romance is in store


Get your shit finished
Enter the weekend stress free
Make some weird choices

Friends Turkey


Life’s ripe on the vine
no, wait, maybe that just wine
Do not drunk Snapchat


Focus on your game
The finish line is in sight
Booze is a reward

Donna Parks and Rec


The sun is leaving
You have through the weekend
Your sign can still shine


Keep your plans on lock
No one needs to know what’s up
Mystery is hot

Kris Jenner FBI


Get your party on
Life will stay busy for you
Do something you love


Remember your keys
Full Moons can make you forget
Spend time with your tribe



Seek some good advice
Use caution, be positive
Do not text him first