The World Is Your Oyster: Your Weekend Horoscopes April 20-22

With Mercury out of retrograde, the world is your oyster. No longer do you have to live in fear of getting fired, ruining your favorite outfit with a red wine mishap, or drowning inside a New York City subway. Things are really looking up this weekend. Here are your weekend horoscopes April 20 through 22. Let the stars tell you how to enjoy this momentous 4/20 weekend. (You didn’t think I’d forget, did you?)


Finding peace and serenity is so important to you this weekend. It’s okay to spend a little cash to spruce up your apartment if it means living a more comfortable lifestyle. Remember, don’t make things too cozy. You’ll likely never leave if things are too nice, and you’re too young and pretty to be a homebody right now.


The Sun in your sign means it’s your time to shine this weekend. Of course, the Taurus betch isn’t one to seek the spotlight very often. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the opportunity to remind your friends you literally never ask for anything from them, so the least they could do is plan you an amazing birthday celebration.


Your social calendar has been, like, really full lately. This weekend, it’s okay to take a break and say no to an invite or two. Take a yoga class. Enjoy a walk in the sunshine, Do some other peaceful hippie shit that will look cool on Instagram. Taking it easy this weekend will be super helpful when shit hits the fan on Monday.


With the Moon in your sign, you’ll feel comfortable expressing your feelings this weekend. Go ahead, tell your boyfriend where you want to eat instead of making him guess for an hour. You pick the brunch spot for the group. Your take-charge attitude won’t go unnoticed and will be highly appreciated.


This weekend, a need for privacy will clash with your nature to be outgoing. Fake it a little. When someone asks you prying personal questions you just don’t care to answer, just tell them a version of the truth. Your horoscopes April 20 have issued a decree: Don’t be fucking rude, just be a little shady. Keeping your personal life on a need-to-know basis will protect you in the future.


You’ll grow even closer to someone this weekend as you share an adventure. Travel or a new experience will allow you to learn things about someone you wouldn’t figure out otherwise. Like, if your boyfriend is really good at getting you free upgrades on airplanes, you know he’s a keeper.


As a Libra, you’re usually pretty fun, carefree, and balanced. This weekend, a more intense side of you could come out. Don’t worry about scaring people off. Seeing you in a new light will make them respect you or be turned on by you. Ain’t nothing wrong with being a little fiery once in a while, right?


The Moon will allow you to broaden your perspective this weekend, Scorpio. Don’t be surprised if you start matching with guys on a dating app you never thought you’d be attracted to. Dudes and sorbet have a lot in common this weekend for you: sometimes what you need is a little different flavor to cleanse your palate.


You’re determined to get some shit done this weekend. I’m sorry. It’s just not your nature to be all play and no work. Do what you have to do and then treat yo’ self the rest of the time. Nothing says “good job cleaning your apartment” like a new spring wardrobe and a facial, right?


Your ruler Saturn can create some limitations for you. Like, it makes you more responsible or some shit. That can be a burden when you feel like you’re kind of babysitting while the rest of your friends are getting fucked up. Take a break from that this weekend. It’s your turn to have someone hold your hair while you puke. It’s your turn to leave your credit card at the bar. It’s your turn to sort of not remember how you got home.


It might sound super boring, but you really just want to stay home this weekend. Don’t let the fact that you don’t want to pay for overpriced drinks while screaming at people in an attempt to have a conversation in a crowded bar deter you from having a good time. Have the party at your place. The booze is cheaper and people will sort of judge you less for being in your pajamas.


The hard thing about being a Pisces is that you’re just so enjoyable to be around. People love telling you their problems and shit since you’re a pretty sympathetic ear. Plus, you’re go-with-the-flow. What’s not to love? This weekend, though, you need to draw the line. If someone won’t stop blowing up your phone for help with drama that has nothing to do with you, leave them on read. They’ll get the point.

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