Your High School Beauty Routine Just Got A Major Glow-Up

In partnership with Victoria’s Secret PINK

Remember the (v cringe) days of middle school and high school, where your version of ~glam~ meant flat-ironing your bangs, hitting the tanning bed (oof), wearing purple eyeshadow, and, ofc, spraying on way too much perfume-slash-body mist? Samesies. 

While you can and should ditch the straightener, fake tan, and bright makeup, there’s no need to say buh-bye to your beloved body-care products from PINK. Complete with sleek new packaging that’s actually cute enough to leave out on your vanity or bathroom counter— plus amazing scented formulas with derm-approved nourishing skin-care ingredients—PINK Beauty is back and better than ever, bb. While the collection won’t roll out in stores until July, you can shop all of the products online now. Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to:

Lavender Haze

In your Eras era? (Join the club.) Take a page from T. Swift’s book and snag some soothing, lavender-scented body-care products from PINK, STAT. Level up your shower experience with the brand’s new lavender body wash. Not only does it smell amazing, but it also 1) transforms into a rich lather that’s satisfying sudsy, and 2) has a non-drying formula that won’t strip the skin.

Post-shower, rub on some lavender body lotion, which is spiked with fatty acid-packed shea butter for an extra dose of conditioning. Best of all, there’s no greasy residue (because yuck). Finish your nighttime routine by spritzing on some hair and body mist loaded with hydration-boosting hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to ensure your skin and hair stay moisturized AF. 

Cute as a Cucumber 

This uber-refreshing body scrub feels like a spa treatment in a bottle thanks to its clean, crisp, and ultra-light scent that’s perf for summer. It also features a handful of hydrating staples like cucumber water and hyaluronic acid. Salt crystals serve as a natural physical exfoliant—they gently slough away dead skin to leave your skin soft, smooth, and glowy. Oh, and did we mention the scrub is 100% vegan? 

Sweet Like Honey

Once you’re out of the shower, slather on some of PINK’s honey-scented body oil and thank me later. Featuring—you guessed it—pure honey, this versatile body-care staple deeply nourishes the skin by locking in moisture. You can also apply it after rubbing in your fav body lotion to seal in that hydration. Plus, the weightless, non-greasy, and fast-drying formula won’t stick to your sheets (yuck). 

Nuts 4 (Coco)Nuts

Sadly, we all can’t just hop on a plane to a beautiful beachfront locale whenever we feel like it unless you’re like, Roy-level rich. Butttttt, PINK’s tropical-inspired coconut-scented beauty products are the next best thing thanks to their beachy aroma. For an instant pick-me-up, spray on some of the hair and body mist and feel refreshed in (pretty much) no time. Its derm-approved, vegan formula is packed with vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid to hydrate. The coconut body scrub is also noteworthy since it’s spiked with—spoiler alert—ultra-moisturizing coconut oil. The addition of sugar crystals (which, like the aforementioned salt crystals, are a physical exfoliant) helps revitalize your skin. 

Warm & Cozy 

This oh-so-cozy body lotion is reminiscent of a lazy Sunday morning—AKA the type I always strive for, complete with an egg sandwich from my fav bagel store and a giant iced coffee to nurse my hangover after just two (2) glasses of rose. That’s because its essential oil-infused formula features notes of soft vanilla, toasted coconut, and, to spice things up, a hint of passionfruit. Last, but def not least, it offers 24-hour hydration to quench parched skin.

Lauren Ellman
Lauren Ellman
Lauren Dana Ellman is a New York-based writer and editor specializing in all things travel, beauty, shopping, and wellness. Among her most toxic traits are making online shopping, watching Ted Lasso, and being a dog mom her entire personality (sorry, not sorry). Follow her on IG (@laurenvellman), where she's way cooler compared to IRL.