Scandoval SURvival List: 5 Things You Need For The Last Part Of The Reunion, Because WHEW

It’s all happening! The third and final part of the Vanderpump Rules season 3 reunion is finally here, and it’s about to be the reunion of all reunions. We’ve waited for this moment for what feels like forever, so let’s make it one to remember. Here’s everything you need to have the most pumped up watch party. 

A Matching Sweatsuit Set

An #OOTD that’s inspired by the queen herself, Ariana Madix. There’s something about watching people fight in head-to-toe glam while being at home in your comfy clothes that just hits different. Acceptable attire may of course also include Something About Her merch, Send it to Darrell hoodies, Scandoval-related shirts — basically anything that’s not an oversized TomTom sweatshirt is approved. 

Shop it: Vitabuna Women’s 2 Piece Fleece Sweatsuit, $46.99, Amazon

ESWB: Emotional Support Wine Bottle

It’s the final part of the Vanderpump Rules reunion and we can wine if we want to. Give your emotional support water bottle a much needed break and treat yourself to all the wine—I hear Pinot Grigio pairs great with reunion drama. In light of these extenuating circumstances, it has also been declared socially acceptable to sip straight from the bottle tonight. Luckily, this bottle topper screws on to the top of your favorite bottle, giving you the feeling of drinking from a glass when you’re really going harder.

Shop it: Godinger ChugMate Wine Glass Topper, $13.95, Amazon

Emotional Eating Essentials

Stressful situations call for an impressive spread of snacks, so you can eat your feelings all night long. Fill yourself with food that fits the mood like cacio e pepe, because it’s obviously about the pasta, or start supporting Something About Her in spirit with a selection of artisan sandwiches. If you’re really dedicated to the theme of the night then, of course, get goat cheese balls, a certified crowd pleaser. 

Shop it: Goodles Mac & Cheese Assortment 4 Pack, $24.95, Amazon

Things To Throw At The TV

The urge to throw things at pathological liars is real. You can only yell at your screen so many times before you find yourself wanting to leap into the TV and take matters into your own hands. Spare your screens of disaster and come prepared with an arsenal of soft objects that can be thrown at the TV instead, like socks, small pillows, plush toys, or maybe something extra fragile like Sandoval’s ego. It’s all the satisfying action without the risk of damaging any of your things, because a worm with a mustache isn’t worth breaking your stuff over.

Shop it: Bellzi Worm Plush Toy, $25, Amazon

Speakers To Blast ‘Sandoval’s A Liar’

Set your speakers up in advance to play DJ James Kennedy’s parody, ‘Sandoval’s A Liar’ every time #TeamAriana shuts down an enraging gaslighting attempt. Keep the charger close, because similar to taking a drink, this amusing method may drain your speaker’s battery pretty quickly. After the reunion has wrapped and we’re all presumably left reeling from the much anticipated “bombshell” reveal, you can use your speakers to then dance out your frustrations to the show’s iconic theme song. Slow motion moves optional.   

Shop it: Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker, $27.99, Amazon

As the Scandoval era comes to an end, remember, “You know that it’s our time, these are the best days of our lives, just raise your glasses high, this one’s for you tonight.” 

Feature image courtesy of Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Mora Gluskin
Mora Gluskin
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