Who Will Win The “VPR” Reunion? Fill In Our Bracket!

GUYS, WE HAVE A WINNER. After three long, painful (yet entertaining) weeks, we finally can crown our VPR 3-part reunion champion. If you’ve been following our weekly Vanderpump Rules bracket, you know the final two came down to Lala and Scheana. (Yes, Ariana got voted out last round, cry about it later.)

While Lala did dominate the entire final episode and made sure to shut down Tom and Raquel every single chance she got, absolutely nothing topped watching Scheana wearing sweats and Uggs while drinking a White Claw and eating crackers in Raquel’s trailer.

vpr-reunion- bracket-results

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


Scheana made me laugh, cry, and feel basically every single emotion during this rollercoaster ride of a reunion, and for that, she deserves the winning crown. Congrats, Scheana. You’ll always be good as gold to me.

I KNOW, everyone is gonna crucify me this week for my ranking picks but before you come at me with your pitchforks, please, let me explain!!! Part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion was a true rollercoaster of emotions — I laughed, I cried, I threw up, I spit out my wine. If you’ve been following our weekly reunion bracket, you know we have our final 4 going at it: Ariana, Lala, James, and Scheana. This was definitely the hardest ranking so far, and I’m sure people will feel VERY conflicted over my decisions. So let’s talk about it. 

Who Will Win The VPR Reunion? (Part 2 Results) 


Up first, Scheana vs. Ariana. ARIANA KILLED IT, I KNOW. But Scheana destroyed everyone (including Tom) and my soul. 

Scheana > Ariana (SRY, I HAD TO)

Ariana def gained points in my book for: 

1) calling Raquel “Little Miss Homewrecker” 

2) blasting Tom for dedicating an entire song to her while he was “fucking other people” 

3) constantly correcting the narrative Sandoval claimed happened between Scheana and Raquel (#punchgate)

4) calling Tom a “liar” like, 100 times

As for Scheana, she had one hell of an episode, standing out for the below:

1) confirming she and Raquel will “never” be friends again (duh, but nice to hear it lol)

2) legit 2,000 points for her entire speech about how the restraining order has impacted her life, how she trusted Raquel “with everything,” and how she hasn’t been present for the daughter due to all of the drama, and making the entire cast (including myself) bawl

3) surprising Andy with a gold vinyl-edition of “Good As Gold” as it played in the background and she left in a minivan (honestly epic)

4) finally screaming at Sandoval to “keep your fucking mouth shut” and not taking his shit

5) and the number 1 reason why Scheana advances to the next level, IMO, is for the ICONIC scene of her in sweats in Raquel’s trailer drinking a White Claw alone

You can’t argue with the fact that Scheana had an incredible episode but if you don’t agree, come at me in my DMs, pls and thanks.

Lala > James

As for Lala and James? TBH, it was a total toss-up, but my vote is for Lala. James gained points for: 

1) saying he has to pee after yelling at Tom lol 

2) apologizing to Lisa and Andy for his occasionally out-of-line behavior 

3) this A+ suggestion that Tom and Raquel should “live in a yurt in the desert” together

4) calling Tom a “mustache prick” and a “mustache worm bitch” 

5) telling Lala she is a legend for everything she’s dealt with 

But Lala beat him (BY JUST A TINY BIT) for: 

1) Calling Tom a “moron” in addition to 200 other insults 

2) Calling out Randall and his disturbing allegations 

3) Fearlessly defending Scheana and standing up for her against Tom during #punchgate 

4) Helping to be a voice for Scheana and sharing that sweet and emotional moment where they talked about being present for her daughter 

Disagree with me?? Think it should be Ariana vs. James in the final two??? LMK! And see you guys for the final showdown during part 3. (Plus, feel free to scroll down below to read my thoughts and official rankings for each episode!)

Welcome back to our Vanderpump Rules 3-part reunion bracket. Last week’s episode truly defied all expectations and, IMO, there were three people who noticeably shined: Lala, James, and Ariana clearly stole the show… do not @ me, I am busy touring Raquel’s AFFAirbnb trailer and will not answer.  

Below, I’m breaking down my reasoning for the “Who Won The VPR Reunion?” part 1 results, aka why Ariana, James, Lala and Scheana are headed to the final 4. If you’re confused about WTF this is, then scroll all the way down and catch up, betch. Get with it. 

Who Will Win The VPR Reunion? (Part 1 Results) 


Ariana > Schwartz 

Ariana secured her place as the number 1 guy in the group with lines like, “he can fuck off”; referring to Raquel exclusively as a “rat”; and casually saying “well, he looks like shit” the second Sandoval walked out. While we didn’t get to see her destroy Raquel just yet, Ariana kicked Schwartz’s ass for:

1) rocking the hottest revenge dress since Princess D 

2) holding her fucking ground and calling out the victim-blaming narrative 

3) calling out Sandoval’s “sad act” for being “fucking BS” 

4) going the entire episode without making eye contact with him once


Schwartz lost for obvious reasons, but mostly because he called the reunion a therapy session and wanted everyone to hold hands around the campfire and sing Kumbaya. Get your head out of your ass, Schwartz!!! 0 points for you! BOOO!!!! 

James > Sandoval

James beating Sandoval was a no-brainer, especially during the scene when Sandoval tried to “apologize” *WIPES FAKE TEAR* and James completely berated him. While some might argue James came off childish by screaming, “PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER, MAN, THIS ISN’T THE FUCKING OSCARS” and proceeding to mouth off random shit like “fucking crocodile tears….pussy,” I personally was here for it and can’t stop watching that 20-second clip on repeat. James might have lost a point by almost starting a physical fight but redeemed himself by walking away to “go pee” and calling Sandoval a “worm with a mustache” and other painfully accurate insults like: “you’re a pussy-ass bitch,” “your band sucks dick,” “you backstabbing hoe,” and “I am way more ripped than you” on the way out. -1 points for physical violence but +25 for ruthless creativity. 

Other highlights from James include: 

1) Calling out Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Little Dick (James’ words, not mine) for their “double date” with Raquel who DOESN’T EVEN SNOWBOARD LMFAO

2) Saying “Nah, that didn’t hit for me” after Sandoval’s apology

3) Letting everyone know he’ll get a “spanked bottom” and a time-out at lunch

5) Calling out LVP for sticking up for Tom too much  

6) Calling Tom an “ugly fuck” lol

Lala > Katie

And then there’s Lala, the woman of the hour. Lala CRUSHED it. This queen absolutely destroyed night 1, earning big points for: 

1) “Rejecting” Lisa’s opinion when she defended Sandoval and claimed he isn’t dangerous (lol okay, Lisa)

2) Saying “I didn’t listen” right after Sandoval finished his crap apology. ICONIC. 

3) Calling out Schwartz and Sandoval for “not putting their timelines together.”

4) Telling Sandoval to STFU every five seconds and yelling at Schwartz for being a POS who “triggered” her. Another round of points for painful accuracy.  

As for Katie, I literally forgot she was there for half of the episode because she only said, like, two things. COME ON, GIRL. Fight the good fight. Destroy your ex. Smash the patriarchy. End the season strong!!!!! 

Scheana > Raquel

The hardest vote of the night was whether to pick Scheana or Raquel. Like yes, Raquel is…Raquel, but you have to admit it was fucking fascinating watching her giggle alone 100 yards away in a trailer. A+ content. Scheana sat there looking traumatized the entire night, but ended the evening strong by owning up and apologizing for betraying Katie. It was a tight one, but it was enough to push her (barely) over the edge. 

Part 2 will be the ultimate Lala vs. James showdown, and I am not ready to pick a fave. Scheana, girl, you’ve gotta step it the fuck up if you wanna even have a chance at taking Ariana down. 

No matter what happens, though, the MVP of the night is the Bravo video editor who added this incredible caption: 


See You Guys Next Wednesday!!! And scroll down below for last week’s OG post for the full breakdown of how this all works.

Who Will Win The “VPR” Reunion? Fill In Our Bracket!

Grab your chunky sweater and season-long supply of Pinot Grigio, because it’s almost time for the Vanderpump Rules season 10 three-part reunion. Aka, our Super Bowl. And while everyone on Twitter makes the “Super Bowl” comparison when it comes to basically every large pop culture event (THE MET GALA IS MY SUPER BOWL! THE OSCARS IS MY SUPER BOWL! THE ROYAL WEDDING IS MY SUPER BOWL!), the VPR reunion is (in)arguably the most defining pop culture moment of the decade, nay, the century, nay the Cenozoic era.

This isn’t just a TV show, it’s a cultural touchstone far more exciting than any touchdown, so we might as well send this season off with our own playoff, a Betches Bracket that answers: Which cast member will win the reunion?

Vanderpump Rules - Season 10

So How Does This Work?

First, we provide you with the empty bracket below to screengrab and fill out, or print if you remember what it was like to die of dysentery on the Oregon Trail. Then, you come back here each week to see who we’ve crowned the winners after each episode.

There are, of course, several factors to help us determine a winner. We aren’t gonna pick someone just because we like them as a person (Ariana would obv win by default) or disqualify someone because their name rhymes with Dom Gandoval. (Guys, I know what he did, but he still needs to be in this fucking bracket!!) Instead, here are just some of our criteria we will use to figure out who is as good as gold.  

Vanderpump Rules - Season 10

Our Criteria For Crowning The #1 Person In The Group

No BS. I Want Arguments As Strong As Tom’s Cigarette Breath: Who’s bringing their A-game with their logic and reasoning? I’m not talking about baseless claims held together by a (ring on a) string. The true #1 person in the group will deliver solid points supported by ACTUAL evidence, aka come armed with text messages, legal docs, and receipts, pls and thanks.

Persuade Me, Betch: We’re looking for someone who can sway even the most doubtful critics to their side. Don’t just tell me about your “deep connection” or ruined “reputation” — make me believe it. 

Hocus Focus: We’re looking for someone who can string together coherent thoughts that actually make sense — they don’t just throw shit against the wall, or deflect blame to Katie for every WeHo War. 

Poo Poo Head-Level Wit and Comebacks: It wouldn’t be a reunion without the sassy one-liners and scathing retorts that make you question if it came out of the mouth of a grown man or an upset toddler. The winner needs to dish out the most creative, clever, and painstakingly accurate comebacks, countering an opposing viewpoint SO effectively, it makes my chin hit my fucking titty. 

Best MEMEories: Yes, there are points for doing some weird shit with your face. Give the people what they really want: a memeable moment that will change the course of pop culture history as we know it. 

Temporarily Restrained: Can they keep it together 1) under pressure, and 2) when brutally insulted??? We want a winner who can handle the heat without breaking a sweat. They should also maintain their dignity and refrain from doing something stupid and/or illegal like IDK, fighting shirtless in the parking lot or smacking someone in the face. 

Martin Scorsese-Approved: We’re looking for an Academy Award-winning performance that would even please Marty. (Participate in our bracket, you coward, we know you’re watching.) Our winner should embody the perfect blend of wit, grace, and rhetorical prowess. We’re not just talking about a one-hit wonder here. The true champion will consistently impress us in all three rounds. If they can make us laugh, cry, throw up, and turn their facial expressions into 100 Twitter memes, they deserve a standing ovation (or at least the winning title in our homemade bracket). 

Vanderpump Rules - Season 10

Okay, Great, Now What?

Fill out your picks, and then come back each week to check them against our final judgment.

At the end, we will crown one official “winner,” aka the cast member who clearly reigned supreme and dominated all three nights. Their prize can be um, an extra shift at SUR and, like, unlimited goat cheese balls or something. And if you get every guess right in your bracket? Well, you get the satisfaction of knowing we’re sympatico. Congrats on being smart and funny just like us, betch!!!! 

If you don’t want to play along (okay, Liev Schreiber), then you can just download the plain version and hang it on your ceiling or something freaky. But that’s your loss, not mine. See You Next Wednesday!


All images courtesy of Bravo. 

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