An Intern Cursed Out Trump And Someone Called The Police

Last week, one lucky (then not so lucky) Senate intern got to say what we’ve all been thinking for a long time: “Mr. President, fuck you!” The 21-year-old hero female responsible had been interning for Sen. Maggie Hassan, a Democrat from New Hampshire, when she shouted the insult at Trump from behind a roped off area.  But don’t worry – Trump definitely heard her. Since the incident, the intern was confined Senator’s office space but not fired because why fire someone for doing the Lord’s work? Sadly, not everyone agrees that the intern’s actions were iconic justified. Now mad people are pissed that a government intern insulted the President and Capitol Hill Police got involved. Yep. That’s right. An intern said “fuck you” to Trump, and the police got involved. Why? It’s not like she was an 8-year-old selling water. 

WTF The Police Were Involved?

Turns out Capitol Hill does not take pranks and joking lightly, like at all. When the intern heckled Trump, it’s apparently considered a threat to THE President of THE United States… who knew? So Capitol Hill Police (yes, they have their own police force) had to track down the young lady and then decide if she was a threat or not. Wait, so saying “fuck you” to Trump is considered a threat to the president’s life? Brb…I have some tweets to delete.  

Luckily, Capitol Police were reasonable and determined the 21-year-old intern was not a threat, she was just fed up with Trump’s shit. Same. She was suspended for a week and had her Congressional intern badge revoked, but will ultimately keep her job. Because in 2018, yelling “fuck you!” at the president is not nearly the most offensive thing to happen in D.C. on any given day.

(Side note: If you ever call a member’s office and say “threatening things” about them or POTUS the Cap Hill Police will investigate you, so prob don’t prank call your senator or rep.)

WTF Do Congressional Interns Even Do?

So all of this begs the question “what do Congressional interns even do?”, because this girl being confined to her office sounds a lot like getting sent to your room. TBH being treated like a kindergartener sounds about right for an intern on Cap Hill. Most of them are college students, or recent grads that told their parents “One day I’ll be president!” So now they open mail, answer phones, and do other maintenance work. Congressional interns do have a lot of responsibilities for unpaid college students though, and access to plenty of restricted areas so obv they are going to do some dumb stuff.

Here’s a list of the Top 3 Dumb Things Congressional Interns Do:

  1. Get lost – They all have badges giving them access to the basement tunnels in order to get around and make deliveries/ run errands. It is like putting a rat in a maze and forgetting to put in the cheese. During the summer seeing a 20- something looking lost is just Tuesday.
  1. BS About Historical Details – Interns are responsible for giving personal tours of the Capitol Building to district guests. There’s a booklet and some training on how to do this, but we already know they all get lost and how can one intern know every detail of the building? It’s a running joke that interns will make up facts and dates, while unknowing visitors ooh and ahh. In reality the intern has no idea what they are talking about.
  1. Get Lit – There are free happy hours thrown on Capitol Hill by interest groups almost daily for staffers and interns always sneak in. You are putting free alc in front of unpaid college kids… yeah it doesn’t always go well. Every staffer can tell which young group of interns snuck into a happy hour the night before when they show up hungover AF.

Interns are always making mistakes, but yelling at the president was 100% not a mistake and pretty brave to do (but also a little stupid). At the end of the day, letting the intern keep her job was the right move, and anyone who thinks she should have acted more professionally may want to take a look at the President’s tweets.

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