Khloé Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Are Getting Serious About This Baby

By now, we’ve finally had a chance to recover from the earth-shattering Kardashian pregnancy news that dominated last week. We’re still waiting on, like, ~official~ confirmation from the family, but at this point it seems like Khloé is probably pregnant. (Kylie too, but today is about Khloé.)

New reports are going around that since the pregnancy news, Khloé’s man Tristan Thompson has begun to look at houses in Los Angeles. He plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers (basketball, in case you didn’t know), so he obviously spends a lot of time in Ohio, but he needs to have a home base in LA if he’s going to raise a Kardashian child. Khloé has already spent way too much time in Cleveland, and you know she’s dying to get out.

Earlier this summer, Khloé and Tristan had been seen looking at rental houses in California for him, but now it sounds like he’s ready to commit to spending around $20 million on a place. Same bro, that would absolutely be our budget too. We’re not like, real estate agents or anything, but he should be able to find a decent house with plenty of room for Khloé Jr. to hang out.

There’s nothing fun about moving, but we have a feeling Khloé won’t be lifting too many heavy boxes by herself. Maybe all her basketball player exes can come over and help them move in exchange for some pizza and crack beer?