The One Album That Needs To Be On Your Pregame Playlist

This past Friday, this very excited gay betch ventured into the wilderness to Bushwick for the album release party of Tove Lo’s latest record, Blue Lips. These are my stories. Dun-dun.

It took place at the newest of hip places in Brooklyn, Elsewhere. The venue is one of the most Instagrammable places I’ve seen with a lit-up polygonal backdrop, laser show staircase, and sweet loft bar. As someone who lives in Bushwick (help me, I’m poor) I fully understand that getting other people to come out there is a hard sell, but do it for the fucking ‘Gram.

Tove Lo came out wearing a pink satin bomber over a sports bra with high waisted red pants. Her first song of the night was “bitches” (fitting, I know) from her new LP. In the opening verse she sings “Let me be your guide when you eat my pussy out” and usually the word “pussy” gives me the icks but this time I was like “OOOH DANG GIRL, SING ABOUT THAT PUSSY!!”  She went on to sing her hit “Cool Girl” because you know, she’s a cool girl. The next song from her new album, “struggle”, gave me another “OHHH DANG GIRL” moment during the chorus when she sang “Fuck some sense into me/ the struggle is real”.  My gay ass wholeheartedly agrees, the struggle is most definitely real.  By the time she got to her smash “Talking Bodies” she had stripped down to just her sports bra and then mid song took THAT off to reveal her “disco tits”.  She performed the rest of the night with only sparkly pasties to cover her nips. Honestly, it was aspirational.

By the time she played “cycles”, another new track, I had danced and sweated out all my pregame vodka shots. “cycles” is true to its name because since I saw her perform this song, I can’t break the cycle of listening to this catchy fucking song. She ended the night with her lead single “disco tits” and let me just say, THAT. SONG. IS. AMAZE. The atmosphere, light show, and performance made it one of the most fun album release shows I’ve been to (I’ve only been to one, but still).  Even though it was a short set (seven songs), there’s no denying Tove Lo is not just a cool girl, but a cool songwriter and dope performer.  

Buy Tove Lo’s record, Blue Lips (Lady Wood Phase II). I promise this is going to be your new pregame jam. She literally has a song called “hey you got drugs?” so what more do you need? God, I love her.