These Press-On Nails Are So Good, I Don't Think I'll Ever Go To A Salon Again

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I literally never thought I’d see the day where I’d be saying this, but I think I’ve officially been converted to a press-on nail person.

For pretty much the entirety of my childhood, the only reason I ever thought about press-on nails was because I was always on the lookout for them in my great-aunt’s lasagna (talk about disgusting). Seriously, she would be cooking and then all of a sudden one of her nails would be missing and she would say, “whoever finds it gets dessert first.” I could literally vomit thinking about it. From that day forward, I vowed that I would never wear press-on nails. 

Cut-to 3 months ago when I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and I had such a busy work week that there was a zero percent chance I was going to make it to the nail salon. And, TBH, I didn’t really want to spend 2 hours in a chair and my hard-earned cash because my friend (the queen of bridezillas) wanted a uniform French manicure. This might be a hot-take, but no one is looking at our hands, Susan… NO ONE. 

When I showed up to the rehearsal dinner, naked nails and all, one of the other bridesmaids came to my rescue with a little circular pack of press-ons. I adamantly resisted these nails at first, suggesting that I could paint my own French manicure that night. But, in the end the chic packaging and near-perfect designs piqued my interest—and frankly, a pre-schooler could paint my nails better than I could. 

Later that night, I trudged back to my hotel room feeling resentful that I needed to spend another minute thinking about my f*cking nails. But I did it. I opened the little package and began glueing. I don’t know how to explain this, but something literally comes over you when your nails are long, done up with designs, and look, dare I say, expensive? I tried on these ManiMuse nails and suddenly I was Carrie Bradshaw sitting at a bar, cosmopolitan in hand. 

First of all, they come with everything you need to make your hands look presentable. Somehow in this miniscule package, they included a dual-sided buffer and file, non-toxic nail glue, and over 24 different nails to find your perfect size. And, I really don’t care what other people say, size does matter.

I am not kidding you when I say these nails last for at least 2 weeks after the wedding. So, I went home and stalked the website so hard, Sherlock Holmes would have been embarrassed. There were countless chic AF designs that honestly look like you paid for a $100 manicure sans the 2 hour appointment. So, naturally, I ordered one in every color. To say I’ve been hooked ever since is an understatement. Even my great-aunt was impressed.

Little White Lies Press-On Gel Manicure

Shop it: ManiMuse Little White Lies Press-On Gel Manicure, $16, ManiMuse

Abbey Westlin
Abbey Westlin
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