There's Now A Real Life Version Of Cher Horowitz's Closet From 'Clueless'

Remember Cher’s closet from Clueless? As if you could forget. It was literally the dream closet for most of our childhood, and honestly looking back on it they were pretty advanced for their time. Like, that closet let you swipe left on clothes you didn’t like, and it would tell you if something didn’t match. Whoa, was Tinder based off of Cher Horowitz’s closet? She really was a pioneer. Anyway, speaking of pioneers, Brooklyn Decker has created the real life version of that closet and we have to say, we’re kind of impressed.

The platform she created is called FINERY, and it’s so much more than just a website. They describe it as an operating system, like the robot in Iron Man if he knew what shoes to pair with the green pants you love. Finery isn’t just a database for your clothes, it’s a live system that constantly updates your purchases and advises you on what trends are in and what’s so yesterday. If you agree, you think you’re really stylish, enter our contest and create an outfit on FINERY for a chance to win a free shirt from Shop Betches and a personal shout-out from Brooklyn Decker (details below).

Cher Horowitz Clueless

Okay, we all read Marie Kondo and we know you’re supposed to throw out everything except for clothes you really love, but what if you really love a lot of things? Your closet is an ever expanding universe of shirts, dresses, purses, chokers, and stuff that reminds you of ex-boyfriends that you don’t want to throw out. How do you organize it all? FINERY actually sorts through all your purchases and updates itself with everything you own, so you can manage how many times a month you wear your favorite shirt. You can even plan outfits on your calendar, so if you have a pair of amazing vintage boots you keep forgetting to wear, you can schedule a dope outfit for the next fall brunch date and have those boots to look forward to.

FINERY is literally a godsend for us because we know we have good style, but sometimes our closets are just overwhelming. Making choices is hard—that’s why we like open bars so much. Like, you don’t have to choose what you want to drink at them because you just drink everything. FINERY helps you decide what items go well with others, so you can spend that time at the open bar instead of being late because you were figuring out what to wear. 

I Have Nothing To Wear

You know how you usually text your friends or ask your roommate to check your outfit before a date? Well, FINERY helps you dress hotter for a date, because let’s face it, sometimes your friends give bad advice. Plus, if your roommate is home on a Friday night while you’re about to go on a date, it’s like, is she really the person you should trust for dating advice? Probs not. Rest assured, FINERY will never lie to you and tell you that skirt is flattering to try and sabotage your date because they secretly have been harboring a crush on Chad for years. 

We’re like, pretty sure the site can’t transport your body into the clothes the way Cher’s computer does, but just consider getting dressed part of your daily workout. With FINERY, you’ll always have a dope outfit even if you’re batshit lazy.

Batshit Lazy Shop Betches

We know you’re literally dying to try out FINERY, so we’re sweetening the deal. Between now and Sunday at 11pm EST, if you make an outfit on Brooklyn’s closet using our Batshit Lazy tee (pictured above), you’ll be entered in our contest to win the shirt for free from Shop BetchesAnd if your outfit is chosen as the winner, Brooklyn Decker herself will give you a shout-out on her Instagram wearing the outfit you picked out. Here’s how it works:

1. Go into Brooklyn’s closet and click the “Create a Look” button

2. Make a look using the Shop Betches Batshit Lazy tee

Batshit Lazy

3. Hit save and add “Brooklyn” where it says “Add Note”. 


That’s it! Brooklyn will choose the winner and it will be announced on Monday! Good luck, betches!