The Trendiest Fall Boots That Are On Sale Right Now

It’s official: There’s less than 100 days until Halloween, and basics everywhere can practically see the likes on their generic Insta pics of pumpkin spice lattes. More importantly, this means that it’s also time to start prepping your fall wardrobe. First matter at hand: shopping for fall boots. Ironically, there’s no better time to do so than right now (yes, now, as in the end of July). Every retailer is currently having their big summer sale, which naturally includes leftovers from the past winter/early spring. Translation: You can get some great fall boots at some amazing prices. Plus, in a few weeks, retailers will start promoting their fall collections, which means they’ll be ridding their stores of any lingering sale boots that could compete with the current full-price ones. To help steer you in the right direction and ensure you don’t go crazy buying fugly boots, I’ve compiled a list of the best sale fall boots available right now, in accordance with this fall’s biggest trends.

Here are the fall boots you need to buy like, right now.

1. ’80s

Fall is all about the ’80s trends, which means glitter, neons, and patent leather. Think Katy Perry circa Teenage Dream. Aka the opposite of her current album,Witness, which nobody listened to.

Marc Jacobs Double Zip Bootie ($450, $239.97)

Ash Electra Glitter Block Heel Booties ($198, $118.80)

2. Western

Before you run to your closet and whip out those cheesy cowboy boots you bought to wear to that one country concert last summer that you only went to out of fomo, please note, that this fall’s western trend is elevated western. Key word being “elevated.” So like, leave those tacky Payless boots in your closet and try one of these fashionable versions instead.

Mercer Edit Call Back 2 Bootie ($269, $99.97)

Marc Fisher LTD. Bailey Studded Leather Western Bootie ($229, $137.40)

3. Combat/Hiker Boots

Combat boots are back for fall and, tbh, I’m pretty pumped about it. I still have, like, all of mine from when combat boots were a trend a few years ago. But, if you weren’t smart enough to realize that fashion is cyclical and that this trend would come back around, here are some stylish new sale options. Uh, actually, these ones are way trendier than mine, so I’ll probs still be getting these ones too. Smh.

Dr. Martens Pascal Virgina 8-Eye Purple Combat Boot ($140, $120)

Frye ‘Veronica Combat’ Boot ($277.95, $199.90)

4. Animal

Animal prints are the new neutral, and if you wear them as such, you can pretty much pull them off with any outfit. For example, pair either of these animal print booties with a pair of jeans and legit ANY color tee and bam, outfit made.


Sam Edelman Olette Genuine Calf Hair Pointed Toe Bootie ($170, $89.97)

Raye Congo Boot ($178, $100)

5. Futuristic

Everything futuristic is v “in” for fall. This trend has already been kind of “in”, probably because everyone is so depressed about the present state of America and is living off the hope for a better future. Bummer, but like, it does make for a really cool fall trend *shrugs*.

Raye x Revolve Riley Bootie ($168, $81)

Jeffrey Campbell Olinda Point Toe Booties ($200, $60)

6. White

White booties are another trend that has already been “in” and is here to stay for fall, too. Yes, omg, stfu, you can totally wear white after labor day! It’s no longer taboo, and when your mom gives you shit for it, just remind her that this dumb rule is outdated, just like her hairstyle.

Joie Saleema Block Heel Bootie ($348, $159.97)

Marc Jacobs Rocket Chelsea Boots ($395, $237)

Sooo go buy these fall boots now because, like I said, they’ll be gone in a few weeks. Fashionable and financially savvy girls are already on it, so get yours now before all the popular sizes are gone. Or don’t, and wait a few weeks and spend like, 100 times more. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life or anything. I mean, if you enjoy wasting money for fun then, as Bobby Brown Britney Spears once said, “that’s your prerogative.”

Images: @freestocks / unsplash; Giphy; Nordstrom Rack (4); Nordstrom; Shopbop (2); Bloomingdales (2); Urban Outfitters; Revolve (2)
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Shannon McCormick
Shannon McCormick
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