The List Of Problematic Housewives Just Got Longer

Just when you think the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills couldn’t get any more controversial, they prove you wrong. Diana Jenkins, the newest housewife on RHOBH, recently got caught up in some mess online. No, we’re not talking about the rumors of her running a sex trafficking ring, or her past issues being an alleged Karen to her neighbor (which adds up)—this incident is more recent and very alarming. 

Twitter is a place full of opinions, and one Twitter user tweeted out two very different-looking photos of Jenkins with the caption, “My mind can’t comprehend that this the same woman.” The tweet garnered attention and was reposted on Instagram by Bravo fan @philly.diva, who captioned the image, “…I guess the first [photo of Diana Jenkins] was the one who shopped in stores and the 2nd [photo] is allergic to dust and doesn’t know what an outlet is.”

The caption (which seemed harmless in comparison to others out there berating Jenkins’ looks) caught the attention of the new Housewife, and boy, she was not happy. 

Jenkins replied to the post, stating the first photo was taken during an event at UCLA Law discussing war crimes in her country. “I was probably 20 or 30 Pounds [sic] skinnier and having glam was last thing on my mind. Also looks like picture is manipulated. But shame on you!!! You and your bullshit shopping!!!” Even if the photos were manipulated, which they do not appear to be, @philly.diva was not the person who first compiled the images and put them out on social media.

Diva replied, “holy [shit] you had time today!! But the fact is…both pics are you. However neither of them look alike! Welcome to the bravo-sphere! Keep that same energy with the rest of Instagram that thinks you have no storyline and should be fired … and not just with Black content creators.”

You would think that it would stop there, but oh no, Diana was not happy. “It can’t feel good being a Black content creator,” Jenkins replied. This, of course, set the Bravo community off. From calls for Jenkins to be fired, to people wondering why RHOBH co-star Lisa Rinna, who usually spends most of her time trolling on social media, did not publicly comment on the situation, people were pissed. 

The very next day Jenkins publicly apologized to @philly.diva, stating that her RHOBH co-star Crystal Kung Minkoff called her screaming at her pertaining to her comment. Jenkins stated that she used the word “Black content creator” because she “assumed ‘Black content creator’ was a title referring to a page that would be focused on snarky content. I didn’t realize it was referencing to you as a Black woman and a content creator. Please understand i am not from this country @philly.diva so deeply sorry.”  She’s lived here for 20 years, by the way. 

Not everyone bought her apology. Instagram user @thetalkofshame reposted both the original comment and the apology, and commenters were not having it. Instagram user @offciialkatiecazorla wrote, “She does not get a pass on this. Sorry. I have a foreign Dad. He knows what he’s saying when he says it.” Another commenter wrote, “First of all, anti-Blackness is global. Also, she’s been in the U.S. for almost 20yrs.”

Bravo has yet to comment on the post, but this isn’t their first time dealing with Housewives who have made racially insensitive comments. RHOC alum Kelly Dodd was fired, most likely for her constant controversial statements, and RHOSLC alum Jennie Nguyen was fired for her racist Facebook posts (which she tried to justify by bringing a Black friend on IG live with her to back up the fact that she was not racist. Time will tell if Bravo will speak up about Diana’s comments, but in the meantime, with @philly.diva receiving an outpouring of love and support, it feels good being a Black content creator.  

Images: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Jonathan Chandler
Jonathan Chandler
Jonathan Chandler is a Los Angeles based poet and writer. Between juggling college life and advocating for social issues, Jonathan finds himself maintaining his sanity by binging old episodes of The Real Housewives+ Parks and Rec. You can follow him on Instagram @jonathanchandler_