The Best TV Shows And Movies Coming To Netflix In September

Finally. The best time of the year is approaching and it is only then that we truly live our very *best* lives. Sure, day drinking and documenting your entire weekend at yet another music festival is cool and all, but have you ever binged an entire TV series while eating your weight in pasta? I guarantee you the latter is when we thrive—all in the comfort of our own home with a bottle of cheap Target wine, fall-themed candles, and a ton of blankets. As September kicks off this weekend, so does new Netflix content, reminding us how to get back into the swing of things. Unsurprisingly, this upcoming month is full of feel-good classics, corny shows we never cared for when they aired in real time, and of course, my favorite, good ol’ scary flicks. Here is the best sh*t coming to Netflix in September.


To be fair, I’ve never seen this. Or, I should say, I haven’t seen this yet. I assume there’s a reason why it goes down in history as a classic and why it is also one of the most quotable films of all time. Betches love to quote sh*t. If you feel like watching the story of America’s OG gangsta, Tony Montana played by Al Pacino, and learning just where these young so-called rappers (i.e. Lil Xan) probably get their inspo from, virtually enjoy the cocaine-filled ride in Miami on September 1st.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

I. love. scary. movies. As a fangirl of many horror films, I can confidently say this is one to watch to get you totally psyched for fall. Sure, it has its share of gore and cliché sexualized female versus male scenes, but that only means it has the perfect excuse to grab your latest fling and call for an overdue Netflix & chill sesh.

American Horror Story: Cult

The witch is back, betches. Emma Roberts, terrifying demonic non-human creatures, and a show with a bunch of seasons to make your time worthwhile? Count me in. The seventh season of this binge-worthy miniseries is coming to Netflix next month, so now’s the time to start catching up with wtf is happening if you don’t already know.

The Breakfast Club

If you’re not ready to accept the fact that Starbucks has already brought back the PSL, you can continue to live in denial with a few classics that don’t resemble anything fall related—one being The Breakfast Club. Our parents probably saw this in theaters when it first came out, so yeah, it’s pretty old, but it still holds reign for being a true classic. Five high school students from different cliques (outcast, jock, nerd, etc.) take us through a much-needed comedic journey of their Saturday spent in high school detention. Molly Ringwald (who is always a #mood in every movie, tbh) and a handful of 80s heartthrobs are more than enough reasons to make you want to (re)watch.

Black Panther

This literally just came out in theaters and it’s already coming to Netflix. I guess they’re really stepping their game up this year (and it’s about time). Even if you have no idea what Marvel Comics is or you’ve yet to watch a single Avengers movie, it is absolutely fine to watch this one. Not only does it have a hot AF cast and is groundbreaking in various political aspects, but it has an action-packed storyline that will get you obsessed and wanting to follow the lives of the rest of the Avengers crew asap.

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