The Best Outfits From 'Bachelor In Paradise' That You Can Buy Now

The women of Bachelor In Paradise are truly all having themselves their own versions of hot girl summer, from shutting down f*ckboys to celebrating all kinds of love. They all look snatched as hell and also all have a killer wardrobe. This powerful group of women are influencing me (and my wallet) in all types of ways, from purchasing a ticket to next year’s Stagecoach to now fueling my online shopping addiction. So, since you too probably want to know where their outfits are from, here are some of the best pieces the girls have worn so far that are actually still currently available for you to buy now.

1. Caelynn’s Lime Green Dress

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Another week in Paradise ??? #BachelorInParadise

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For Love & Lemons Meringue Mini Dress, $225

Caelynn has been slaying in her subtly sexy cowl necks, and I’m so here for it. Her date looks have all been perfectly effortless in a way that really amplifies her insane natural beauty. This neon green dress by For Love & Lemons is a must-have in your wardrobe right now. Dress it down by wearing it over a graphic tee with sneakers or dress it up with strappy heels and a statement earring. Whichever way you wear it, this dress is a true no-brainer.

2. Demi’s Striped Swimsuit

Vitamin A Mila Top in Verano Stripe, $66 & Vitamin A Lupe High-Waist Bikini Bottom, $110

This is the swimsuit Demi has worn for most of Paradise so far. Of course, she probably only actually wore it for one day, but the way this season is edited so choppily, I feel like we’ve seen it in every episode. Which, I’m totally okay with because I’m obsessed with this suit. Demi wore it with the high waisted version of the bottoms, but if you’re someone who thinks high waisted bottoms look like an adult diaper, then you’ll be happy to know there’s a low-rise option too.

3. Hannah G.’s Hot Pink Dress

LIONESS Mysterious Girl Mini Dress, $76

Sure, Hannah may be making some questionable choices when it comes to her love life in Paradise thus far, but you definitely can’t deny that she’s been making all the right choices when it comes to her wardrobe. She legit looked like Barbie when she wore this hot pink leopard dress, so can you blame Dylan for only having eyes for her? I sure can’t.

4. Kristina’s Floral Off The Shoulder Dress

White Fox Force Of Nature Mini Dress, $84.95

Kristina always looks gorgeous, and this season of paradise is no exception. She really knows how to dress for her petite frame, and she always looks so polished and put together no matter what. Even if on the inside she’s having a mental breakdown over Blake, you’d never know it from her outward appearance.

5. Hannah G.’s Snake Print Wrap Dress

Hannah G.’s Collection for JustFab Snake Print Wrap Dress, $56.95

So if you weren’t already aware, Hannah G. has a collection for JustFab and I’ll be the first to say IT’S AMAZING! She’s worn several pieces from the collection in Paradise thus far, some of which are actually already sold out. Fortunately, this super cute snake print wrap dress is still available, but I can’t imagine it will be for long. It’s such a cute dress to wear casually with sneakers or out on a date with some heels.

6. Tayshia’s Hot Pink Bikini

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Sippin’ on that Paradise Punch??

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Topshop Crinkle Bikini Top, $26 & Tanga Bikini Bottom, $22

If there’s one thing I know so far from this season of Bachelor in Paradise, it’s that I’m officially a Tayshia stan. Between her relatively confusing romance with JPJ to her IDGAF attitude toward Blake, Tayshia is doing Paradise right. Not to mention she’s also worn some great looks along the way, like this super affordable hot pink Topshop bikini. The sizes in the top are limited, so act fast if you want it!

7. Caelynn’s Leopard Print Midi Dress

Endless Summer Harper Slip Dress, $168

Caelynn wore this dress on my favorite date we’ve seen so far in Paradise, the one between her and Dean. They were so flirty and playful and you could totally see in Dean’s eyes how much he likes Caelynn. It also makes it even that much better knowing that these two made it and are currently together. And that’s not a spoiler because everyone already knows that and they post about it all over Instagram, so chill.

Now, if you’re anything like me, the first piece from Bachelor in Paradise you had to have was that black lace naked dress Hannah G. wore on her date with Dylan. Which apparently is actually Kristina’s dress, and she wanted you all to know that. But regardless, it doesn’t matter because it’s basically sold out everywhere. *Sigh.* So, to avoid that same painful non-buyer’s remorse, shop all the above pieces ASAP!

Images: @bachelorinparadise, @teamdannah, @the_style_spotter, @bigblondehair, @tatyshiaaa / Instagram; For Love & Lemons; Revolve (2); Hello Mollly; White Fox; JustFab; Nordstrom
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