Teresa Giudice Tried To Come For Sofia Vergara And Missed

Okay friends, it’s time to face a harsh reality: Teresa Giudice hasn’t been the same since she came back from prison. We’ll admit it, we miss the trashy, table-flipping times of 2009. We’re not sorry, and as much as we want to love Teresa, we really can’t get behind some of her latest comments.

It all happened last week during a panel discussion called “Gettin’ Real With the Housewives,” which is already a major eye roll, but Teresa got asked by an audience member about her best and worst celebrity interactions. She took the opportunity to randomly tear into Sofia Vergara, who allegedly stepped in front of Teresa at an event last week. Teresa said Sofia also complained about taking a photo with her.

Okay, so realistically, does Sofia Vergara even know who Teresa Giudice is? We have a feeling her answer would be an overconfident yes, followed by the crazy eyes that mean she has no idea who Teresa is. Like, why would Sofia know who Teresa is? Do you think she really spends her free time watching second-tier Bravo shows? Doubtful.

The real problem was after that, when Teresa said that Sofia is a bitch and that immigrants should be nice. What? Okay like, we know that everyone should technically be nice and blah blah blah, but what the fuck is Teresa saying? Saying all immigrants should be nice is like saying that no one should commit tax fraud, but Teresa apparently missed the memo on that one.

So, Teresa, next time you’re looking to pick a fight, stick with Danielle or Caroline, not Sofia and immigrants as a whole.