We Tried Taylor Swift's App, The Swift Life, And It's About As Lame As You'd Expect

Last week, Taylor Swift took to Instagram to brag about how she’s had the best year ever, and it’s probably gotten better since then. A few days ago, she launched her first app, The Swift Life, and her teenage fans have probably already spent countless hours obsessing over it.

When I first heard about the app, I was honestly pretty confused. Is it a game? Is it like Facebook but you’re only allowed to post about Taylor Swift? I guess it’s a little bit of both, but it leans toward the Taylor Swift Facebook. It’s definitely no Kim Kardashian Hollywood, but we can’t all be winners.

Taylor Swift App

When you download the app, you’re immediately transported into a strange world where everyone spends their time making fan art or posing for extra AF photos in their Taylor Swift “REP” sweatshirts. There are drawings of cats, collages dedicated to Taylor, and seriously a lot of photos in those sweatshirts. You can like and comment on the posts if you’re into that sort of thing, and if you’re really lucky Taylor might even repost your shit.

Taylor Swift App

The game portion is pretty lame, but here’s what it is: doing certain shit in the game earns you music notes, and if you get enough music notes you unlock “Taymojis.” So yeah, she just blatantly ripped off Kimojis and put them in her app, so don’t say Kim Kardashian never had a good idea. There are over 300 Taymojis (it still hurts to type it) to collect, but I only played long enough to get 3, one of which is an unsettlingly realistic human heart. This girl has no chill.


My personal capacity for using this app was somewhere around 10 minutes, but some clearly are loving it. I found one user who had already collected 288 Taymojis, and somehow has 19,000 followers on the app. Like, I would sell my soul for 19,000 followers on Twitter, so does that mean I need to start fangirling over Taylor Swift? Ugh, I’m over it.

Taylor Swift App

The Swift Life app is available for free on the App Store if you have a secret desire to post your fan art, or you can just use social media like a normal person.