One Of The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Couples Is Reportedly Engaged

Two of your least favorite people from The Bachelor franchise fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise and I hate to say it, but they’re actually significantly less terrible together than they are apart. Kind of like how if you multiply two negatives together they make a positive… right? Is that how it works? I haven’t done real math since I figured out you could flirt with teachers. Anyway, rumors are swirling that Taylor and Derek from Bachelor in Paradise end up engaged—er, are engaged currently.

A source told Us Magazine that Derek proposed to Taylor Wednesday night and that he proposed with a Neil Lane ring. Reality Steve reported that Derek proposed at the taping of the reunion. Then again, Reality Steve also said Bachelor in Paradise was definitely canceled for the season, so take this as you will.

Reality Steve

Side note, we really need to get Neil Lane to spill the beans on these pre-engagement chats he has with Bachelorette cast members. Like, what does the guy who’s totally getting dumped that day say? I think Neil Lane has a lot of great stories and lessons we all can learn from about false confidence.

Anyway, Derek is a commercial banker and Taylor is an emotional intelligence specialist/mental health counselor. That is the most boring combination of jobs anyone could think of, so it’ll probably work out between them. Like, what else do they have going for them? I mean, it’ll work out as long as Derek doesn’t say “fuck you” to Taylor under his breath ever again.

As you saw on BiP this week, Taylor and Derek had a slight tiff when she was trying to tell him how she feels or something and he jokingly said “fuck you.” I think it was sort of joking, at least. Like, who knew Jim Halpert had such a sassy side? Anyway, it really wasn’t much of a fight because he apologized, like, immediately, in guy terms. The fight was way over before the rose ceremony and I guess that’s how they both knew they could make it in the real world, by getting over a smallish argument on a beach in Mexico.

Congrats to the happy couple, maybe? May your life together be filled with the musings of undergrad psychology majors and a lack of swear words!