Starbucks Is Getting Rid Of All Wine And Beer

For a while, Starbucks was making all of our alcoholic dreams come true by serving wine and beer in many of its fine establishments. Today, those dreams are shattered.

Starbucks is officially canceling its Evenings program, which sold wine and beer in 439 of its stores nationwide (in addition to tapas-style food). The idea was basically to make Starbucks patrons want to come back to stores later in the day after the semi-permanent caffeine high had worn off. But like, if you think about it, can’t really imagine people were lining up at the door to listen to Sarah McLachlan and drink shitty wine with a bunch of strangers in a coffeehouse.

So it’s not a shocker that Starbucks canceled its alcohol-infused menu, but it’s depressing that the option isn’t even there now. In exchange, Starbucks is upping its lunch menu, with no promise of alcohol in sight. Pretty shitty trade-off, TBH.

Thanks for nothing, 2017.