SPOILER: One Of The 'Bachelor' Finalists Might Be A Homewrecker

This article contains major spoilers for the upcoming season of The Bachelor.

For us Bachelor fans, this is a rough time of year. We’re deep in the off-season between Paradise and The Bachelor, which means that Monday nights feel empty, and we have to pretend to be excited about things like Lauren Bushnell marrying some country singer. Which like, congratulations to them, but I need some DRAMA.

In the past few weeks, we’ve had to make due with stories about Rachel and Colton feuding, Amanda Stanton possibly stealing a Chanel bag, and Pilot Pete breaking his face while filming. All of these stories have been entertaining, sure, but now we finally have some truly wild sh*t to talk about. On Monday, Reality Steve dropped a huge bomb about one of the contestants on the upcoming season of The Bachelor, and we absolutely need to talk about it.

Filming for Peter’s season has been in progress since last month, and it’s now been narrowed down to the final four women. For all of you seasoned Bachelor fans, you know what that means: hometowns. Reality Steve has all the info about who the four finalists are, and the filming schedule and locations for the dates, but today I’m just going to focus on one of them. Her name is Victoria Fuller, and she sounds like a god damn nightmare.

According to Reality Steve, he’s been hearing things about Victoria since before she was even announced as a contestant: “I can honestly say in all my years doing this, I have never had so many negative stories and as many people contact me about one person than I have this season with Victoria Fuller. It’s been unreal to be honest.” Oh damn, you already know this is gonna be good. Steve goes on to say that the first email he received was on September 7th, over two weeks before filming began. The email alleged that Victoria has a reputation around Virginia Beach for sleeping with married men.

For someone who’s going on a TV show looking for love, that’s obviously a troubling accusation, but Reality Steve insists he took it with a grain of salt at first. But then, he says “the emails kept coming, and coming, and coming, and coming all saying the same thing. Basically that she was bad news, many people in Virginia Beach knew the stories about her, and I should look into it more. Not only that, but if I looked deep enough, I’d probably be able to find a marriage or two that she broke up because of it. So I looked. And I found. And I’m not talking about this happening once, or even twice. The info I was receiving was talking about her having done this three or four times.”

THREE OR FOUR TIMES?? I can barely get three or four guys to respond to my dating app messages, let alone leave their wives to be with me! This is obviously a terrible pattern of behavior, but I’m also a little impressed. That’s probably a f*cked up thing to say, but it’s the truth. Reality Steve continues, saying that the women who Victoria has, um, interfered with aren’t just random strangers, but “were actually women Victoria knew and was friends with.” Apparently she even went to some of their weddings!!! AHHHHH.

Steve is clear that he’s vetted these accusations as thoroughly as possible, and that he’s even personally spoken to some of the women who’ve had their marriages ruined by Victoria.

But there’s an even crazier part of this. At least one of the women claims she was contacted by ABC about going on the show, which means that The Bachelor producers KNOW ALL ABOUT THIS. It’s one thing when someone has a shady past that they don’t know about, but to give Peter a contestant who you know is a serial homewrecker is just insane. Victoria and Peter’s hometown date took place on Monday, and apparently someone showed up who Peter used to date years ago. Steve says she warned Peter about Victoria’s past, but it’s unclear what actually went down.

We don’t know if Victoria will make it past the final four, but the fact that she’s gotten this far shows that she’s seriously good at playing cool. If she ends up making it further, we might have another Jed Wyatt situation on our hands, but it’s still too soon to know. Whatever happens, I have a feeling that this might be…the most…dramatic…season ever? I know I’ve said it before and been wrong, but you guys, Victoria Fuller sounds like she’s on a whole other level.

Images: ABC (2); realitysteve / Twitter

Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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