Shopbop's Winter Sale Gives You Up To 60% Off, So Here's What To Buy

We’re in a new year, so that means a bunch of shit sitting in your closet is definitely sooo 2017. Starting making moves to pass the hand-me-downs to your sibling, or if you’re feeling like a decent human being (for once), donate that shit ASAP. With our fave stores and online retailers already gearing up for spring 2018, you’ll need to make a ton of room for the shit-ton of new clothes you’ll be buying with your dad’s credit card. In case you still need to get your hands on a few winter must-haves, Shopbop is having an insane winter sale where tons of their styles are up to 60% off. *Cue 2007 Britney Spears anxiety attack* Apologize to your bank account, credit card bill, and parents ahead of time, because this is obviously too good to pass up. From designer dresses and basic booties to necessary totes and maybe even a new iPhone case, I’ve made this v simple for you—here’s everything you should add to your cart.

1. WAYE Shae Wrap Top

This blouse is probably the cutest effing thing I’ve ever seen. The bright red color is def timely for the season and its long sleeves are honestly a blessing, because I can’t step out of my house in anything less as of late. IDC how slutty everyone else in the group chat says they’re dressing. Hypothermia, can we not? Pair this with high-waisted pants or a trendy black high-waisted skirt.

2. Plush Fleece Lined Athletic Mesh Cutout Leggings

Leggings are all that fit us right now with our winter weight coming up on us hard and strong. Instead of feeling freezing during your morning commute, these are specifically created with a fleece lining, so you can still feel your legs by the time you get to your job. They’re still v stylish and trendy with their small mesh cutouts, so you can even look like you actually go to the gym, too.

3. Bailey44 High Born Dress

Whether it’s for the office, happy hour, an annoying winter wedding, or your next Hinge date, you’ll always need a LBD on hand. In casual jersey material with dramatic bell sleeves, this black number goes perfectly with the rest of your all-black style and makes you look thin AF, regardless of how much pasta you’ve been eating on the DL.

4. Jocelyn Feather Bolero

At this point, I’m collecting this style in like, one of every color because they’re so fucking comfy, warm, and make me feel (and look) bougie AF. They’re still all everyone’s wearing, so def get another ASAP.

5. Splendid Roselyn II Booties

I could be biased, but also I could just have a good fashion sense. I just bought these, simply because I officially have a sock boot in basically every color now, and it was def a good purchase I do not regret (for once). The nude shade allows you to wear them with whatever TF you want and they’re comfortable enough to dance all night in.

6. Botkier Jagged Tote

If you’re in desperate need for a new work tote, or just a new big black bag in general, you’ll want this one. Trust me. It’s like, roomy enough to hold everything you could need in life, but not too big where you feel like you’re lugging a suitcase around. It features removable straps and probably a hundred compartments to organize your life. 

7. Kate Spade New York Champagne Glitter iPhone 7/8 Case

I think this speaks for itself because 1) When don’t you shatter your phone case? and 2) everyone knows the best (and cutest) cases come from the one and only, Kate Spade. And like, honestly, this one is cute af, but if you don’t have an iPhone 7 or 8 yet, sorry not sorry.

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