Shop Betches Halloween Costumes Are Here And They've Never Been Better

So as of today, Halloween is officially 40 days, or a little over a month, away. This may sound far, but honestly, at the rate time goes by, it basically means it’s around the corner and the countdown is on. I’m not saying you should panic (yet), but you should probably start making moves for Halloweekend plans. Obviously, the most important thing you’ll def procrastinate even thinking about is WTF your costume will be. Despite being a grown twentysomething adult, you can’t like, not wear a costume. Society will forgive you as much as they forgive Angelina for leaving Jersey Shore eight years ago. Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to go hard and wear a scary mask, bro. We got you. Not only are we bringing back our best-selling I’m A Mouse Duh and Boo You Whore Halloween costumes, but we’re also introducing brand-spankin’ new costumes for you, your bestie, and yes, your boy toy, too. Check out the newest Shop Betches Halloween costumes below.

I’m A Mouse Duh & Boo You Whore

If we’re being real, it’s 2018. So you can totally just wear an oversized T-shirt, a pair of animal ears, fishnets, heels, and call it a night with these v comfy and slutty sexy costumes. Why? All together now: Halloween is the one time of year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it. F*cking duh. If you’re still hesitating, these sold out like, immediately last year, so I’d literally buy yours rn if I were you.

I’m A Mouse Duh

Boo You Whore

Pete & Ariana / Justin & Hailey

I mean, we had to. These are not only hilarious and bound to make everyone at the bar nominate you for best costume, but if you and your boyfriend are having a hard time agreeing on a couple’s costume idea, he can probably be persuaded into wearing a cotton T-shirt. Throw your hair in a high ponytail—bam, you’re Ariana. Tie some hair back into a bun, put on tiny sunglasses, and all of a sudden, you’ve turned into Hailey Baldwin.

Pete and Ariana

Justin and Hailey

And More Amazing Options

And these are specially made for those of you who like to be incredibly practical, sarcastic AF, and well, as obvious as can be. So like, all of us. No longer will you be pegged with some drunk dude who’s like, “what are you supposed to be, huh?!” because you have it written all over your shirt. It’s a night to honor some of POTUS’s infamous quotes and to also have a little fun with little white lies. Emotionally stable? What is that?

Very Stable Genius

Don’t Ask Me What My Costume Is

Emotionally Stable

Images: Shop Betches