Some Genius Invented A Rosé Drive Thru & Here's Where To Find It

If there are two things that betches love in this world, it’s being lazy AF and drinking wine. I mean, fucking duh. I can’t think of anything I’d rather do besides absolutely nothing with a glass of rosé in my hand. The only thing that rains on that parade is when I run out and I have to drive somewhere, get out of the damn car, and go get it. Boo, you whore. It’s a problem because, obviously I can’t have too much rosé before I try to drive and acquire more rosé. It’s a real Sophie’s Choice. Well now, there’s a way to make grabbing a fresh bottle a little less of a hassle and a risk to myself and everyone on the road: a rosé drive thru, located in the Hamptons because of course it is.

BRB, packing real quick.

I know what you’re thinking…is this legal? Like, is rosé all of a sudden an exception to the whole no-drinking-and-driving thing? And no, it’s not. It’s still very much illegal to pop a bottle of rosé while cruising through the Hamptons, so like, you’ll have to wait until you get back to your share house to open it. Bummer. The whole thing is being put on by Joey Wölffer of the Wölffer Estate Vineyard who says this has always been a dream of hers. Same tbh. The only issue is that you have to buy the wine by the case so it starts at like 200 bucks. I mean, Jesus. Who do you think I am? Ina fucking Garten? But at least then you have enough to last you a little while so you don’t have to leave the house for like, at least the weekend. And I’ll raise a glass of rosé to that.

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