Rachel Lindsay Dragged This 'Bachelor' Alum For Her Racially Insensitive Tweet

Take note, everyone: if you come for Rachel Lindsay, you best not miss. Leah Block (I know, who?) posted what many are calling a racially insensitive tweet about last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, probably thinking it would disappear into the ether like all the tweets I fire off at celebrities, but it did not. No, much to my personal glee, Rachel noticed that shit and clapped back immediately. God, I just love her so much. She really is too good for this franchise (but I’m simultaneously very glad that she’s stooping down to this franchise’s level). Is that weird? Whatever.

Anyway, Leah Block was a contestant on Ben’s season of The Bachelor, so you’re welcome. She, like all of us, was watching The Bachelorette last night when she, not like all of us, tweeted out a questionable anecdote about it:

Leah Block Insensitive Tweet

Like I said, Rachel saw it and she did not sit by silently. She responded with the shadiest of shade that’s ever been thrown:

Rachel Lindsay Twitter

Say it with me now: YAASSS QUEEN. If you missed it, Lee is a certified bigot who thinks the NAACP and the KKK are the same and all feminists are ugly. I know, he’s such a gem. IDK how the casting directors found this gentleman, and how he was single in the first place! But yeah, anyway, this is a level of shade to which I aspire. It’s really a two-for-one shade deal. 

Leah backpedaled real quick and said “you all took it WAY out of context”—like, no we didn’t. You were tweeting about The Bachelorette. We all got that. That was the context. She added, “1) those were my roommates [sic] words not mine. 2) my roommate nor I are racist. That’s why I deleted it.” Oh okay, so you’re not saying your roommate is racist but you still had to distance yourself from her comments and throw her under the bus? Okay. Rachel replied with “Naw you just aren’t funny.” Reeling from all the L’s she just took, Leah then did what many people probably told her to do and deleted her account. 


Like, look. Is this tweet definitely racist? Meh. I, being white, am not really at liberty to say. Do I think it was in poor taste? Yeah—I mean it just reflects that this girl’s roommate is so unaccustomed to seeing non-white people on TV that the only reality show she can conceive of that happening is on Love & Hip Hop and not a mainstream show like The Bachelorette. Which, come on girl. Those two shows don’t even have the same structure! Love & Hip Hop isn’t even a dating show! It just follows people in the hip-hop industry who are either dating each other or—you know what, never mind. Unless that was the point she was trying to bring up all along, and this was all just a satirical commentary on the lack of POC on television… *puts down blunt* nah.

Let this be a lesson to all of you: Rachel has time today to clap back at your fuckery. You know what they say: Tweet like everyone’s watching.