Kim Kardashian Reignited Her Feud With Taylor Swift & All Her Other Enemies

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and we’re very excited. While some people love Valentine’s Day because they get to spend time with their gross boyfriends, we’re really just here for the drama. We’re not the only ones. Kim Kardashian-West called out her haters on social media on Thursday, including them on a list of who will be getting her new Valentine’s Day fragrances. Pause for a moment while we appreciate how much we fucking love Kim.

The list is in the form of Post-it notes, and it looks like all the haters will be getting her new “BAE” fragrance, which is one of her three new Kimoji Hearts perfumes (the others are BFF and Ride or Die). BAE includes notes of mandarin, kiwi, vanilla, sandalwood, and pettiness. Okay, I may have made up that last one. We can go back and analyze the scent later, but for now we have more important things to talk about.

The complete list of haters visible in the Instagram story is as follows: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Piers Morgan, Janice Dickinson, Naya Rivera, Chloë Grace Moretz, Blac Chyna, Pink, Taylor Swift, Bette Midler, Wendy Williams, Chelsea Handler, and Sharon Osbourne. Someone please get me an ice cube ASAP, because this tea is absolutely scalding hot.

First, let’s address the inclusion of Taylor Swift. This is no surprise, as their feud has been documented for years, and honestly we applaud Kim for keeping it up this long. Now that Taylor is done putting out diss tracks, it’s Kim’s move, and she’s probably sending Taylor swift a heart-shaped bottle of poison as we speak. That’s a power play right there, you’re doing amazing sweetie.

It’s a little more surprising that Blac Chyna was included, considering that she’s Rob’s baby mama and that sort of seems like personal family business, but Kim is a messy bitch who lives for drama. We’re not mad.

Most of the other feuds on the list are more petty, like when Wendy Williams shaded Kim last week for her scantily clad Instas, or when Chloë Grace Moretz tweeted that Kim isn’t setting a good example for young women. Kim probably has a whole encyclopedia of everyone who’s ever talked shit about her, so she just picked a few at random to send the perfume to. We’re definitely not gonna buy this shit, but we can enjoy all the drama for free.

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Dylan Hafer
Dylan Hafer
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