Kim Kardashian Ruined Taylor Swift’s Life On Snapchat

There are certain important dates in history that everyone remembers: the Declaration of Independence, Pearl Harbor, the moon landing, things like that.

Mark your calendars Betches, because July 17, 2016 will go down in history as the glorious day that Kim Kardashian ripped Taylor Swift’s fucking wig off her head for the whole internet to see.

Let’s rewind to January. Kanye West had just released his new album, and there was controversy like always. Basically Taylor Swift was making a fucking stink because of a lyric on the track “Famous.”

I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.

Tbh it didn’t seem like that big of a deal in the first place, but Taylor basically became obsessed with calling a Kanye a hater, and even called him out in her Grammy acceptance speech. Problem is, Kanye insisted that he had gotten permission from Taylor to use the lyric ahead of time. Taylor called bullshit on this and honestly we didn’t know who to believe. Like, we always want Taylor to be wrong, but also Kanye is kind of a dick so it wouldn’t be that surprising either way. We thought the mystery would remain forever, but we forgot about the social media brilliance of one person: Kim Kardashian West.

On Sunday, Kim changed the course of pop culture history with just a Snap story, and it was fucking epic. She posted a series of previously unseen videos of Kanye on the phone with Taylor from months ago, reading off the lyric and getting confirmation that it’s okay. Taylor thinks the line is funny, and is super appreciative that Kanye asked in advance.

Taylor of course responded on Instagram, saying that she didn’t know she’d be called “that bitch,” and that this was really the most offensive part. Sorry, but you missed your chance to act like a bitter bitch about this six months ago when you couldn’t stop whining.


That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posts it on the Internet.

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Literal interpretation of what Taylor Swift is doing rn:

Like really, Taylor, what the actual fuck? It’s honestly mind-blowing that she could be such a manipulative psycho. This is 2016, and for Taylor to flat-out fucking lie in front of the world and not think that Kim Kardashian Nancy Drewdashian might not come up with some receipts is some amateur bullshit. Any half competent betch knows that if you’re going to tell a lie to make yourself look better, YOU BETTER FUCKING COVER UP YOUR TRACKS.

Princess Taylor has already had a rough week, with a bunch of celebrities taking Calvin Harris’ side in their ongoing breakup drama. We’d try to feel sympathy for her, but that part of our hearts died like a solid decade ago. Sorry Tay, but you should’ve known that pretending to be an obnoxious nicegirl for your entire career wouldn’t get you anything other than a bunch of dumb 12-year-old fans.

You’re not a betch, Taylor Swift. You’re just a sad, bitter nicegirl, and you can’t fucking sit with us.