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Gifts For The Celeb-Obsessed Made By, Well, Celebs

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Alright, I’ll admit it—I love celebrities. Maybe it’s growing up in the era of Intouch and Us Weekly tabloids, and then following along as celebs pulled back the curtain on their *glamorous* lives via social media (tbt to King Kylie era). But there’s just something about following the ~scandalous lives of Hollywood’s elite~ and knowing everything they’re buying, wearing, and loving that…has just never gotten old. 

I don’t know about you, but my friends and I would become *obsessed* with whoever we saw on…erhm…Disney Channel (the fangirling started young, what can we say), and insisted on having whatever they had. Selena Gomez’s mid-2000s hair feathers? Copied. Neon cheetah prints à la Cheetah Girls? You *know* I begged for a matching set. And I hate to say it, but these habits haven’t changed much.  So you can imagine how I, a fully grown adult, behave when I see a celebrity-owned product launch of some sort—which, TBH, seems to happen every day now—I must look into it, try it, and follow along with what they’re doing. Even if the celeb has no business in the industry (RE: Ryan Reynolds owning Mint Mobile??), I will investigate it nevertheless. Luckily, many celebs have *actually* created great products that are definitely worth obsessing over. Enter: the perfect gifts for the pop culture lover in your life (hi, it’s me). 

Because I will do whatever Rihanna tells me to (and I recommend you do the same)

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Glossy Posse Volume 6.0 Full-Size Gloss Bomb Trio

A Kate Hudson-approved workout set to wear while rewatching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (the working out part is optional)

Fabletics Glam & Shine 2-Piece Outfit

If you’re loving the ballerina trend right now, Hailey Bieber has mastered the makeup look

Rhode Peptide Lip Tint in Ribbon

I just love Blake Lively…but also this is perfect to bring to every holiday party (mocktail OR cocktail, the options are endless!)

Betty Buzz Premium Sparkling Soda Citrus Variety Pack

The hair feathers are gone, but I’m still influenced by Selena Gomez’s beauty looks

Rare Blush & Highlight Custom Set

For the ultimate hosting gift, this cocktail kit has everything they need (Kendall Jenner, you knew what you were doing with these recipes)

818 Margarita Cocktail Kit

For everyone whose favorite pastime is just sitting in a robe listening to Harry Styles

Pleasing The House Robe in Red

I will be doing what I can to follow in Posh Spice’s fashion footsteps (starting with something I can *actually* afford from her brand…a sleeping mask)

Victoria Beckham Silk Style Icon Sleeping Mask in Blue

Jessica Alba is quite literally always glowing…so yeah, I’ll have what she’s having

Honest Nourishing Ritual Gift Set
 $59.99 (was $66.44)

If the holiday party you’re going to is, well, a *party*, then Cardi B’s alcoholic whipped cream is the gift you didn’t know you needed

Whip Shots Peppermint

Aleeza Zinn
Aleeza Zinn
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