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Dear Celebs, Please Stop Posting Photos Of Yourself On The Toilet

Just like us, celebs love social media. While, sure, you may post a hot selfie to get the attention of that guy you see at the gym, I’ve come to notice that celebs have a tendency to take things way, way, waaaaay too far on their own feeds. Like, why do I know so much about Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s sex life? It’s sure not because they told me personally over a glass of red wine. 

As a showbiz journalist, I have to constantly keep up to date with what celebs post on their socials. Spending my days scrolling through Kylie Jenner’s picture-perfect selfies sometimes makes me question my own sanity (and want her surgeon’s details) but hey, it pays the bills. But, recently, there has been a mahooooosive rise in the number of times that I’ve either been completely grossed out or cringed with my entire body. Thankfully, the comments sections flooded with question marks and vomit-face emojis always reassure me that I’m not alone in feeling a bit, well, violated. 

Look, I’m down for flaunting what your mama gave you on Insta (WE LOVE YOU, BRITNEY) and sharing an embarrassing yet hilarious family story in the way that Ryan Reynolds does, but do your followers really need to know that you’ve had your lady parts bleached, a la Cardi B?

There’s sharing, and then there’s oversharing — which is all that extremely private stuff that really has no place on the internet. 

Some celebrities get it right and share personal details that humanize them and strengthen their fanbase. While others… simply do too much. In my very professional opinion… I’ve decided to break down which celebs get it right and which celebs get it oh so wrong.

Lena Dunham’s Gyno Trip


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TMI ASSESSMENT: Helps the masses! Not so TMI. Thanks for reminding all the ladies to not skip having their bits checked. 

Jessica Simpson Peeing In Public


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TMI ASSESSMENT: No thank you. First of all, why was someone taking a photo of you having a tinkle? Second of all, why.

Prince Harry’s Frozen Penis

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TMI ASSESSMENT: Absolutely zero need for anyone but Harry himself to know this information. In his memoir, Prince Harry detailed a time his penis got frost bite. If that’s not enough to make you cringe, he also described the cream he used to remedy the issue (which reminded him of his mother…).

Shay Mitchell Pregnancy Realness


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TMI ASSESSMENT: Shay Mitchell does God’s work when it comes to pregnancy content. Sure, she looks like a perfect, comfortable, non-bloated model in a ton of her pics, but then she shoes what’s really going on when she’s out of glam and it’s relatable af.

Kendall Jenner’s Just Like You


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TMI ASSESSMENT: Not TMI! If a gorgeous perfect model gets acne, it’s really ok that you do, too. 

Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox Drinking Each Other’s Blood


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TMI ASSESSMENT: Hard pass. Not only did we not need to know this, we didn’t need the visual in our heads. Whatever they choose to do in privacy of their own home… should stay within those walls. 

Cardi B(leach)

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TMI ASSESSMENT: No, no, no, no. All for personal care, but don’t need the visual. On IG, Cardi told the world, “I am bleaching my fucking cootie cat… I’m in my crib getting my vagina and my underarm bleached’’ No one, I repeat, no one needed to know that information. 

Basically All Things Will & Jada

TMI ASSESSMENT: Everything I know about these two, I’ve learned against my will. The whole “entanglement” business was TOO MUCH INFORMATION. This felt like a wayyyy to close look into a therapy session we had zero business being at. 

Megan Trainer’s Sex Talks With Her… Brother

TMI ASSESSMENT: This is a new level. Megan Trainor told her co-host BROTHER Ryan Trainor, and listeners of their Workin’ On It podcast, that her “big boy” husband Daryl Sabara has such a huge schlong that her “pussy is broken.”

Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher’s Questionable Bathing Habits

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TMI ASSESSMENT: As a big Mila Kunis fan, it’s a shame that this is burned into my brain. She and husband Ashton Kutcher said in an interview that they don’t use soap every day… and that’s just toooo much info (and not enough soap).


Celebs x Toilets


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TMI ASSESSMENT: Just please stop this madness.


Ellie Phillips
Ellie Phillips
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