Every Single Unfiltered Thought I Have During My Daily Workout

In Partnership with Planet Fitness

6:00: It’s unfortunate that I only have the motivation to work out in the morning, because I really do miss sleeping in.

6:10: I know they say you should hydrate before you head to the gym, and that coffee is dehydrating, but come on.

6:18: Ok I need to throw my leggings on and run out the door before I become one of those clichés that gives up on their New Years resolution by mid-February.

6:40: Ahhh the bright lights of Planet Fitness, the only place I feel comfortable without makeup before 7 AM.

6:50: Okay, fuck, I can’t remember what workout I wanted to do today?!

6:51: OOOH a free elliptical, let me start on that.

7:00: Do I look like Elaine Benes trying to dance on this elliptical? Why do I feel like my hips are about to pop out of their sockets?

7:01: Oh shit, now I’m going backwards.

7:02: Okay! That’s enough of that!! Let me pull up the PF app to see if it can tell me what to do.

7:03: OH! The 30 Minute Circuit. Perfect. And it tells me exactly what to do on each machine so I don’t even have to think…

7:15: First station, done. Now which cardio exercise should I do for number two? Let me check the board….

7:20: I love how the traffic light on the wall tells me when I should be working out and when it’s time to move on to my next circuit. I feel like I’m at a middle school birthday party playing red light/green light. 

7:21: OK this cute trainer is coming over to me… gotta act like I know what I’m doing.

7:22: So my form sucks, but he gave me some pointers and let me know that free fitness training is part of my membership?! Gotta remember to schedule that on my way out…

7:35: And now to stretch…. My favorite part of the workout when I can lay on the floor and call it recovery. 

7:40: I need to remember that I actually feel *amazing* after my workout whenever I’m bitching about coming in the morning. 

7:45: Oh look at that, they’re running a sale until February 16. Maybe I can convince Katie to join with me so I can at least have a buddy. And membership is totally affordable!! I’d sign up a second time if I could. 


Maria Del Russo
Maria Del Russo
Maria Del Russo is the Branded & Affiliate Content Director for Betches. When she isn't at the office, you can usually find her in the kitchen, yelling "That tastes SO freakin' good!" at nobody in particular.