Betch Dressed Of The Week: What To Wear For 'The Tortured Poets Department' Era

Want to know how to dress like a celebrity but don’t have the funds, the stylist, or anywhere particularly glamorous to go? Betch Dressed is your weekly breakdown of the best dressed celebs of 2024. Here you’ll find looks you can *actually* recreate IRL and styles that won’t cost you, like, an entire paycheck. So, I guess you kinda do have a stylist now…you’re welcome.

In case you live under a rock, Taylor Swift just dropped a new album. Like many a Swiftie, I have been anxiously awaiting The Tortured Poet’s Department and dreaming up what her next era will look like based on the breadcrumbs she’s been strategically dropping. The title is giving dark academia, and the black and white visuals feel very tumblr-coded but also sort of dreamy and romantic. So with all of that in mind, I’ve come up with a nearly foolproof outfit formula for everyone who’s going to let TTPD take over their lives for the foreseeable future (guilty).

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Step 1: Break Out Your School Girl Skirt

First things first, grab a school-girl inspired skirt to bring the chic librarian, dark academia vibes. Whether you go for something solid or plaid, pleats are highly encouraged.

Step 2: Bring The Romance With Your Top

Next, pair your preppy school girl skirt with a romantic top to bring the dreamy, feminine energy into your look and balance the structured bottom half. “Romantic” is up to your interpretation, so puff sleeve blouses, tiered tanks, and even graphic tees could all qualify.

Step 3: Step Into Tumblr-Core

For your footwear, you’re going to want to channel early 2000s Tumblr vibes (or just Alexa Chung). If your style is on the edgier side, grab a pair of Doc Marten’s or put on a pair of ballerinas for a girlier vibe.

Step 4: Sleaze Up The Accessories

IDK if it’s just all the peace signs Taylor’s been throwing up leading up to this release (easter eggs!!), but I’m really feeling the early Instagram, indie sleaze vibes for this album. Bring some of that energy to your outfit with quintessential accessories of the era like chokers, wayfarer sunglasses, delicate watches, and studded belts.

Step 5: Keep It Modern

Because it is still 2024 after all, you’re going to want to pick a bag that feels more current than some of the other elements of your outfit. Think sleek, sculptural, and simple.


Maddy Paul
Maddy Paul
Maddy Paul is a Senior Content Manager at Betches, a self-proclaimed professional shopper, certified yapper, and 2x marathoner (brag).