Oh God, We Somehow Got An Exclusive Look At Tom Sandoval’s Podcast Episodes

In true narcissistic fashion, Tom Sandoval hath risen from whatever Acqua di Gio drenched hole he was in to hit us with a triple whammy: a stint on torture porn FOX reality series, Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test; popping up as a rumored The Masked Singer contestant (sadly not as a worm with a mustache); and the piece de resistance, a new podcast. The winky titled show Everybody Loves Tom promises “[talks] with my friends and celebs about EVERYTHING from my personal life to fashion, music, mixology, BTS of VPR & Special Forces and lots more.” Well, goodie, Christmas came early! I decided to play podcast producer and provide you dear reader with (highly probable, but sadly very fake) episode breakdowns of what we can expect from this sure-to-be Peabody Award-winner. God help us all. 

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Everybody Loves Tom Full Episode Guide

It’s Not Your Fault, But It Is Your Responsibility

Tom interviews controversial psychotherapist Dr. McQuinn Strudel about the importance of men seeking therapy. Gain insight and tips on anger management, personal relationship development and maintenance, and overcoming the fears that may be holding you back from being the man you want to be. 

A Kerchief For Every Occasion — How to Get Dressed Like a Man

Tom welcomes renowned stylist to the stars and Executive Director of boohooMan Claudio Fitzpatrick to the show. Claudio offers practical advice for how to match your nail polish to your frosted tips, growing your custom Ascot collection, and why you should never be afraid to take fashion risks. 

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Cheating is Definitely Wrong, But…!

Friend of the pod and relationship therapist Dr. Alan Meehan breaks down the reasons men cheat, and why you’re not not entirely the bad guy when it comes to a relationships gone wrong. Plus, Dr. Meehan roleplays with Tom, reenacting his memorable 1×1 with ex Ariana. 

I Love You, Bro: A Look Into Healthy Male Friendships

You know him, you love him. He’s the BFF to Tom (and the show!) That’s right, Tom Schwartz steps into the studio to recap and reminisce on the decades-long bromance between the two pals. Stay tuned as Tom and Tom take a whack at The Newlywed Game. 

Tom Schwartz
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Feminism: Not Just For the Ladies

Real talk: real men respect women. We’ll chat with an all male-panel of guests for this important discussion of men’s role in feminism. A real Summit of Kens, so to speak. Join us for a can’t-miss, incredible conversation with guests Matty Matheson, Joe Santagato, and Theo Von. 

Up With a Twist: Creating Cocktails for Grown Ups

Join Tom for a sublime masterclass on all things cocktail. From stocking your at-home bar cart (with Patron, Rumplemintz, and mini Fireballs, of course) to flair bartending skills that’ll impress any date, consider this Cocktails 101. Class is in session. 

This Is Your Brain on Reality TV

Tom undergoes an MRI live on camera for this poignant episode that dissects the effects of reality TV from a biochemical standpoint. Similar to football players dealing with the brain damage symptoms of CTE, does being a reality TV star cause lasting brain damage? Tom investigates.


Supplements, Shakes, Macros and More

Looking to make major gains? In addition to his sick bartending skills and stellar pipes, if there’s one thing Tom knows about, it’s how to get a six pack. Tom unpacks his dietary plan and opens up his medicine cabinets to listers eager to shred some serious lbs.

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