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My Chaotic Google Search History Trying To Open Up Taylor Swift's Vault

Somewhere, Kris Jenner is throwing her laptop into a bonfire, because Taylor Swift broke the internet this afternoon with one soundless video depicting a Disney-like vault being opened and a seemingly random assortment of letters spilling out. From there, she probably crashed Google with the launch of “1989” (Taylor’s Version) vault tiles, a series of 89 puzzles that appear when you type “Taylor Swift” into Google. Or so I’ve been told. Just like her ticket sales, I’m getting boxed out of accessing this game so I’m reporting live with my search history.

taylor-swift-google-search history

Today – Tuesday, September 19, 2023

1:55PM          taylor swift 

1:55PM          taylor swift vault game   

1:56PM          is taylor swift buying wordle 

1:56PM          where is the taylor swift vault game

1:56PM          how to play the taylor swift vault game

1:57PM          why the fuck can’t I find the taylor swift vault game 

1:57PM          am I blocked 

1:57PM          taylor do you hate me 

1:58PM           am I being punished because I didnt qualify for Verified Fan Presale Access to the Eras Tour??

1:58PM          GOOGLE let me play this fucking game


1:58PM          T”S!U”L meaning

1:58PM          taylor swift T”S!U”L

1:58PM          taylor swift slut!  

1:59PM          taylor swift not a slut just asking what SLUT! could mean in the context of the vault 

1:59PM           FBI agent who’s assigned to spy on me, are you a Swiftie? You get what I’m saying, right?

1:59PM          taylor swift unlocked 

2:00PM          average time to solve taylor swift vault game  

2:00PM         what happens when we open the taylor swift vault 

2:00PM         is the scooter braun takedown being kept inside the TS vault 

2:01PM         how to become a hacker

2:01PM         is anonymous working on the taylor swift vault 

2:01PM         how to send a request to anonymous 

2:01PM         taylor swift…omfg I got it 

2:02PM         how to play vault game 



2:02PM         is taylor swift vault game like wordle 

2:03PM         taylor swift vault game answers 

2:03PM         unscramble CLTIHG

2:07PM         Clit — *backspace*

2:15PM         What the fuck is going on

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Sara Levine
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