Music Premiere: 'Drunk' By Brooke Alexx Will Help You Remember What Parties Were Like

Remember people, places, and things? It’s almost hard to remember a time when going out in public was something to look forward to, rather than an event that provokes fear. So to help you get back to a simpler time when being outside wasn’t almost illegal, listen to Brooke Alexx’s new song, called “Drunk”. Being drunk, remember it? When you could do it in the company of people and not like, your dog or maybe your parents’ disapproving glares?

But before we get into the song, we asked Brooke a few questions about the inspiration for this song, her virtual “party” planning tips, and more.

What was your inspiration for this song and video?
So, I actually don’t drink alcohol, but I still love going out with my friends and having a good time. Sometimes, I’ll act silly and people will joke that I’m drunk on life, which inspired the song idea. The concept for the music video parallels that and originated as a party where everyone is literally sober. I wanted to include the idea of me being drunk on life and spreading that joy to my friends—thus, I am the bartender serving glitter shots which, in turn, get the party started!

What is your go-to drink?
I’m pretty passionate about lemonade—I’ve got another song about that 😉

How are you “partying” in social distancing?
Lotssss of FaceTimes with friends! Luckily, I have roommates to dance around with and think up fun activities (TikTok has become a fan favorite). But one of my best friends has a birthday in a few days and we’re planning a bunch of virtual games. Definitely going to do it up as big as we can from a healthy distance!!

Any tips on hosting a virtual party amidst the pandemic?
Get the game “Who In The Room” to play with a group of close friends. It’s been my go-to! Also, Paper Plate Awards would be hype and you know it.

We’ve got the first listen of Brooke Alexx’s new song, “Drunk”, which you can listen to here before you see it anywhere else. We may not be able to be drunk with other people anytime soon, but this catchy song and fun video may help you temporarily forget that fact. We recommend blasting it in your apartment while you have your very own party of one.

Image: Luke Rogers
Sara Levine
Sara Levine
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