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I'm Calling It Now, Mob Wife Bachelorette Parties Are About To Be A Thing

If you didn’t already know, the mob wife aesthetic is trending on TikTok. And IDK if it’s because of the 25th anniversary of The Sopranos or what, but I’m ready to throw on the perfect mob wife fur coat and order a bowl of ravioli. I mean, let me be clear, there’s no mistaking a mob wife —  she’s an icon, she’s a legend, but she’s also… a wife? Which means 2024 brides, it’s your time to shine.

If I weren’t two years deep into a marriage already, the first thing I’d be texting into my bridal group chat is, “Ummmmm we’re doing a mob wife themed bachelorette party.” Because who doesn’t want to go on a long-weekend trip with their best friends, draped in leopard print and leather, drinking endless amounts of red wine, and eating copious bowls of pasta? I mean, I would literally give anything to be able throw myself a “Mob Wife Era” bach party. So… instead, I planned one for you. Keep scrolling for all the decor and pizzazz you need for the most fabulous bachelorette party.

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First and foremost, grab some leopard print

Paper goods, balloons, and little accessories in leopard print are probably your best bet when it comes to decor. They’ll be easy to find on Amazon and Etsy for a decent price.

Animal Leopard Print Party Supplies Pack
 $23.98 (was $28.99)

Gejoy 36 Pieces Leopard Balloons

Bachelorette Party Slippers
 $4.80 (was $11.99)

If you look around and it feels a like a funeral, the vibe is right

Besides leopard print, black is your new favorite color. Grab a DIY banner to spell out “Mob Wife Era” and a few other black accouterments and your decor is set.

Make Your Own Banner Sign | StringItBanners

Just Shimmer Black Foil Tablecloth

24pcs Natural Black Ostrich Feathers
 $13.49 (was $14.99)

The groupchat should be anything but quiet

Say it with me: leather & red lipstick. If you’re putting together any gifts for the girlies, these small but mighty swag bags are not something they’ll fuhgedabout.

15 Pack Blank Cotton Canvas DIY Craft Zipper Bags

 $4.80 (was $6)

6 Pairs Of 14K Gold Plated Open Hoop Earrings

Bachelorette Sunglasses
 $4 (was $5)

Becoming the ultimate Mob Wife before the wedding

As the bride, you obvi need to look the part. If you’re going somewhere with cooler weather, you’re going to want a (faux) fur coat. Or, if you’re going somewhere warm you’re going to need something body con. Oh, and I almost forgot… lots of gold jewelry!!!

Unreal Fur Wild Dreams Jacket

Mob Wife Era Tshirt
 $19.20 (was $24)

Superdown Isabel Strapless Mini Dress

xo, Fetti Bride Gold Nameplate

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