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The Most Millennial Triggering Moments From The VMAs

This year’s VMAs brought back some of our favorite collaborators, performers, and artists, appropriately leaving TSwift, as she eloquently put it, “millennial triggered.” Back-to-back presenters *NSYNC and duo Nelly Furtado and Timbaland left my girl nearly speechless. And can you blame her? While we might’ve traded in our apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur for alo leggings and a sensible, sole supporting sneaker, we too are absolutely shook. Here are the moments that made Millennials across America nearly pass out last night.

*NSYNC Made Me Break Out The Butterfly Clips 

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Seeing the boys back together (sure, it was in service of promoting Trolls Band Together, but, hey, we’ll take what we can get) made us think God must’ve spent a little more time on us. Though there were no tour announcements last night, maybe the boys have something coming down the pipeline. What else they got going on? JC is out here doing Meow Mix commercials

Nelly Furtado And Timbaland Took Me Back To Homecoming 2006

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Seeing Nelly Furtado and frequent collaborator and legendary producer Timbaland back together made us want to throw it back in skinny jeans and slouchy booties. If “Maneater” and “Promiscuous” are already in heavy rotation for you, they’ve got a new song out with Justin Timberlake called “Keep Going Up”. Somebody pass the aux cord! 

Demi Lovato Had Me Considering Getting Sidebangs

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Demi channeled her Camp Rock roots and displayed her vocal acrobatics with RaWr</3 style versions of some of her biggest hits. I can feel my side bang shifting now. If you dug the Myspace-era slant of her performance, good news, you don’t have to wait much longer for more. Demi is releasing a new album called “Revamped” September 15, featuring gritty versions of her classics. Slash even shows up on “Sorry Not Sorry,” for real.

I Will Follow Shakira Whenever, Wherever 

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Shakira’s hips still don’t lie, and mine make a weird noise when I stand up after sitting too long. In celebration of her receiving this year’s Video Vanguard Award, Shakira put on a show performing all her biggest English and Spanish hits. She looked unsurprisingly fantastic, thanking her fans and kids in her acceptance speech. Gerard Pique, who?

Puff Daddy, Wait, Puffy, Wait, Diddy 4Ever

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Diddy, consummate performer extraordinaire and staple of early MTV reality made his way to the VMA stage for an incredible performance of his biggest hits, too. Though we’re not quite sure what the difference between a Video Vanguard Award and a Global Icon Award is, Diddy brought down the house. Often forgotten for his incredible VMA performances (Brit is still reigning queen, obvs) Diddy got his moment – and brought us back to the days when he was Puff Daddy. 


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Eva Morreale
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