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A Very Convincing Argument That Regina George Is Canonically Gay AF

The reviews are in: Mean Girls is a queer girl’s wet dream. From erotic dance moves to intense eye contact, don’t be shocked if you barely survive the movie. I lost good friends to Regina’s “Get in loser” line and that shit was in the trailer. They should’ve prepared themselves mentally! 

My queer senses were tingling when they announced Renée Rapp as Regina George for the 2024 movie. You know? The Renée Rapp! Best known for being an openly bisexual heartthrob, rising queer pop star, and playing lesbian Leighton in The Sex Lives of College Girls. Because one thing Renée Rapp is going to do is make everything she touches bisexual coded. 

The closeted mean girls trope is hot for a reason. (Hello, Jennifer’s Body!) It’s a fantasy that lets me play out the idea that maybe my time as a closeted weirdo was actually sexy?? (Spoiler: It wasn’t.) And it’s a fun way to gaslight yourself into believing that your school bully was actually in love with you. And while neither of those are true, I can still hold strongly to my belief that Regina George is canonically a lesbian. So, after 20 years of being silenced by Tina Fey (legally, this is a joke), here is my very convincing and scarily thorough argument that Regina is (*insert limp wrist emoji*). 

Regina’s Choice In Extracurricular Activities Was Sus

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Sure, straight people enjoy sports all the time! But you’re telling me, Regina joined the field hockey team and doesn’t like girls?! I call bullshit. She couldn’t wait to jump into that pile of girls. Everyone knows the core lesbian sports are: softball, basketball, and field hockey. (No further questions, let’s just say I know this from personal experience.) 

Regina Was So In Love With Janis, Duh! 

Janis in "Mean Girls"
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Since the OG Mean Girls (2004), there have been theories that Regina was in love with Janis. And because Janis is seriously gay (not just Lebanese!) it was just too easy for Regina to project internal homophobia onto her. I will even take the conspiracy a step further and say they def hooked-up when they were still friends in middle school. (#Relatable)   

Regina Is Wearing Lesbian Colors Throughout The Movie 

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Okay, maybe the color theory is a stretch, but you cannot look me in the eyes and tell me that outfit isn’t gay af. The corset! The oversized pants! The hyperfemininity! God, what I would give for her to shove me in a locker. 

Because Renée Rapp Said So 

Renee Rapp in "Mean Girls"
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Still don’t believe me? Renée Rapp confirmed that she played the “Get in loser,” scene like Regina was flirting with Cady. “[Regina being a lesbian] was always my interpretation of it, still is my interpretation of it. It might not be other people’s, and I truly don’t care,” Rapp told Them. “It’s mine, and that’s how I feel.” And! And! Renée even captioned one of her Insta posts, “Regina George was a lesbian.” I rest my case. 

Melanie Whyte
Melanie Whyte
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