I Found The One Lipstick That Actually Lasts All Day *Without* Reapplying

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There are certain things in life that you expect to last for a while: marriages, a good pair of loafers, the buzz after your third Diet Coke of the day. One thing I never expect to last? My lipstick. My routine is the personification of lazy girl beauty. I dye my brows so I don’t have to fill them in, and tint my lashes so I can skip mascara. Because of this prep work, I really only apply a little concealer and a dab of blush before swiping on my lipstick. So since it’s one of the only things I do to my face, for a while, I felt fine needing to reapply the hue hourly.

But then I was introduced to Maybelline’s Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick. And I know it sounds insane, but it changed my freakin’ life. Red lipstick is my thing. Some people love leather pants. Others are big on blowouts. If I am leaving the house, there is a 95% chance that I am wearing lipstick, and most of the time, that lipstick is of the crimson variety. So finding one that is long-lasting enough to stay put through several vodka martinis without leaving an ugly mark around the rim of the glass is, in fact, life-changing.

Maybelline’s formula is matte, obvs, because most satin and glossy formats don’t hold for very long. Which is fine with me, because I love a matte lipstick—no matter whether or not the TikTok girlies say it’s in its #flopera. And while I stick with the red tones, it does come in a wide range of colors, which means you can stock up on multiple tubes for whatever event you’re headed to.

The real beauty of this stuff, though, is not the price point (under $10 on Amazon, y’all!) or the precision applicator or the fact that you only need one coat to fully cover your lips. The magic is in how long it lasts. The first time I applied it, I was actually shocked. I would usually pop on my lipstick before running out the door in the morning, and by the time I got to my desk, it would be time to reapply. Not with this stuff. Most days, I am able to get through my morning coffee, my lunch (sandwiches included), my afternoon Diet Coke, a snack, and probably a drink at happy hour before I even need an extra swipe. And it still looks good through all that time—not crusty and weird the way other matte lipsticks tend to get.

Listen to me when I tell you that this stuff is long-lasting. Like, it’s almost annoyingly long-lasting. It’s not going to come off with just soap and water. Most days, I need to douse a cotton pad in some makeup remover and hold it over my lips for a few seconds before scrubbing for this pigment to even consider budging. If there’s one thing for me to complain about in terms of this lipstick, it’s that.

Still, it’s the price I’ve gotta pay for lazy girl beauty. And at just over $8 a pop, it’s actually pretty cheap.

Shop It: Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick, $8.08

Maria Del Russo
Maria Del Russo
Maria Del Russo is the Branded & Affiliate Content Director for Betches. When she isn't at the office, you can usually find her in the kitchen, yelling "That tastes SO freakin' good!" at nobody in particular.